Oxford Against Sexual Violence is a joint campaign between the University and Oxford University’s student union, Oxford SU, sending a clear message that sexual harassment and violence of any form is never acceptable.

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We are working with students to prevent sexual harassment and violence, and are taking steps to gain a better understanding of the issues at Oxford. Our Consent for Students online training programme is available to all students.


Sexual harassment and violence is any unwanted sexual behaviour which takes place without consent, whether someone knows the person or not. It can happen regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion or age. It does not always happen in person. It may happen online, for example on social media, via email or messaging.

Sexual harassment and violence can include:

Catcalling, wolf-whistling, leering, unwanted comments or jokes about a person’s body, clothing or sex life

Stalking someone or following them (in person or online)

Unwanted physical contact, such as groping, sexual assault, abuse or rape

Domestic or relationship abuse

Unwelcome sexual requests

Non-consensual photos like up-skirting or sharing of explicit material.  


The Sexual Harassment and Violence Support Service is a safe place for all students to be heard, regardless of age or gender, who have been affected by sexual harassment or violence of any kind, domestic or relationship abuse or stalking at any time.

Our team of highly trained Specialist Advisors and an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) provide free and confidential support and advice that is independent of your college or department. From practical support to keep you safe and feeling safe, help with managing the any impact on your studies, and emotional support, we are here to support you at your pace, whatever choice you make. The University has separate dedicated advisors to support students accused of sexual misconduct.

Current students looking to speak to one of our advisors should complete our online self-referral form.

For further information, see ox.ac.uk/supportservice.

Consent for Students

Consent for Students is a free online, interactive consent programme for all students and staff at the University of Oxford. 

The course covers sexual consent, including the law, myths, and different factors which may affect someone’s understanding and experience of consent. It will also support you to talk about consent with others and provides advice on what to do if you or a friend experiences harassment or violence.