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Sackler: relationship review

Oxford University has undertaken a review of its relationship with the Sackler family and their trusts, including the way their benefactions to the University are recognised.

Following this review, the University has decided that the University buildings, spaces and staff positions using the Sackler name will no longer do so.  

These review outcomes have had the full support of the Sackler family and were approved by the University Council on 15 May 2023. 

The institutions, posts and funds where the Sackler name will be removed include:

  1. Sackler Rome Gallery (Ashmolean Museum)
  2. Sackler Gallery of Life after Death in Ancient Egypt (Ashmolean Museum)
  3. Sackler Keeper of Antiquities (Ashmolean Museum)
  4. Sackler Learning Officer (Ashmolean Museum)
  5. Sackler Library, which will now become the Bodleian Art, Archaeology and Ancient World Library
  6. Sackler-Clarendon Associate Professorship of Sedimentary Geology

The Sackler name will be retained on the Clarendon Arch and on the Ashmolean Museum’s donor board for the purposes of historical recording of donations to the University.

All donations received from the Sackler family and their trusts will be retained by the University for their intended educational purposes. No new donations have been received from either the family or their trusts since January 2019.