Oxford student, Candace Williams
Oxford student, Candace Williams

Student Stories: Embracing Oxford by Candace Williams

Hi, I am Candace Williams, a second-year student reading Human Sciences at Regent’s Park College. I was born and raised in North London, where I live with my family of four who are all avid Tottenham supporters.

The journey so far

As a young woman of Jamaican and Guyanese heritage, I grew up with the narrative ‘twice as good to be as good’ instilled in me from young. I knew that this didn’t necessarily mean that I was void of being able to achieve goals but I gained an early recognition that it was going to take a certain level of determination and perseverance in order to attain them.

Achieving a place at the University of Oxford, has reinstalled my belief that all things are possible with faith and determination. I know that my identity is not simply grounded in being an Oxford student but that this is all a part of my journey. Which so far has been incredible. I have favoured all the opportunities that studying at this institution presents, as well as all the different people that I have met and friendships that I have made.

My Oxford experience 

I have relished getting involved in different experiences, some that I never would have thought of trying, such as Bhangra dancing and tea tasting. 

Specifically, one of the most pivotal societies which has added to my Oxford experience has been getting involved in Chosen. This is a Bible study society that I Co-president. It has been an honour to lead this group and it has really helped me stay grounded in the midst of my studies. 

Advice to my younger self 

What I would tell my younger self before starting Oxford is to enjoy the process. Coming to this institution can be a steep learning curve but if you get so caught up in trying to get through things you’ll forget to embrace the joy of actually being in the moment. You have worked hard to get here, so take every experience in. 

Looking to the future

In the future I would like to do a myriad of things, probably not just wearing one hat but many. Currently I'm interested in being a presenter or producer. Specifically wanting to increase cultural capital by sharing phenomenal stories. I may be the next new talk show host, why not!