Three Rhodes House scholars, talking outside. Credit: John Cairns, University of Oxford
Three Rhodes House scholars, talking outside. Credit: John Cairns, University of Oxford

Meet our Rhodes Scholars: make your application

Applications for the Rhodes Scholarship are now open, with the opportunity for students from anywhere in the world to study a postgraduate degree at the University of Oxford, fully funded. Read the experiences of some current Rhodes Scholars below to learn more about the programme, and make your application online. Please note that deadlines vary according to country/region.

Samuel Bailey, Balliol College - Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) in International and Commercial Law

"When I first arrived in Oxford I was confident that I knew exactly how my education and career should progress. However, after a few weeks of being immersed in the diverse Rhodes community, I was challenged to critically assess my vision and motivations. After being solely surrounded by law students for several years, my perspective has significantly widened. Undoubtedly, studying within the academically demanding environment of Oxford requires growth and hard work, but as a Rhodes Scholar, I can confidently say that my approach to life and my role in the world will never be the same!"

Samuel Bailey. Credits: Rhodes TrustSamuel Bailey. Credits: Rhodes Trust

Hamza Waseem, Magdalen College - DPhil in Condensed Matter Physics

"My first few weeks in Oxford were emotionally challenging. It was not merely culture shock. Rather, what hit me in the face was the enormous privilege that studying at Oxford meant, and that too on a Scholarship awarded to just one Pakistani every year. I spent the first month exploring the opportunities offered by the university, visiting the research labs, browsing the libraries, and attending lectures in various departments."

"It drives me to make the best of my time at Oxford. I have doubled down on my commitment to science outreach and helping students from underprivileged backgrounds access quality education. That is truly rewarding for me."

Hamza Waseem. Credits: Rhodes TrustHamza Waseem. Credits: Rhodes Trust

Manpreet Deol, Keble College - MSc Social Science of the Internet

"Even during one of the most defining moments that our generation might potentially face, the Rhodes community has been alive - a source of warmth, laughter, inspiration, and friendship. Living in Oxford, I am continuously reminded that being a Rhodes Scholar is about the continued exploration of community and self; it is about acknowledging the legacy that comes with the name, the privilege I have being here, and the ways in which these spaces remain exclusive for many. Although it is surreal that in one year so much has changed, the spirit of being a Rhodes Scholar has been ever-present."

Manpreet Deol. Credits: Rhodes TrustManpreet Deol. Credits: Rhodes Trust
Find out more on how to apply for a Rhodes Scholarship via the Rhodes Trust website. Applications are now open.