trees from a ground perspective. Credits: Anton Atanasov via Pexels
trees from a ground perspective. Credits: Anton Atanasov via Pexels

Environmental Sustainability Strategy gets the go ahead

The University's Environmental Sustainability Strategy has now been approved, so work can get underway to achieve net zero carbon and biodiversity net gain by 2035. 

As students at Oxford, you will be significant in the Strategy's implementation. The University will also establish a new Oxford Sustainability Fund of £200 million for sustainability initiatives over the next fifteen years. This investment forms part of an integrated approach to achieve our aims, in line with broader sustainability targets across the University. 

Professor Louise Richardson, Oxford University Vice-Chancellor, said: "Today there are innumerable warnings of the impending dangers of climate change and biodiversity loss. We must heed them. Doing so will entail real changes to how we live and work. Just as we have had to challenge all aspects of business as usual in order to be resilient during the pandemic, dealing with the consequences of climate change will require significant, often unwelcome, changes in our daily lives."

To read about what the Strategy focuses on in terms of priority areas, what the enablers are, and the Strategy Development process, visit the Environmental Sustainability Strategy page.