Woman on a yoga mat, looking at a laptop. Purple dumbbells and plants in the background
Woman on a yoga mat, looking at a laptop. Purple dumbbells and plants in the background

Oxford's virtual workout: New social group classes

It can sometimes feel challenging to keep yourself motivated and connected when you're studying remotely and away from others. With Active Anywhere, you can now connect and work out virtually with friends you invite to join in with a range of new social classes on the app. It's currently free to join with no contract, so it's easier than ever to get and stay active, especially when you're in the company of friends. 

New ways to connect and work out virtually with Oxford University Sport

With limited social interaction and more remote study, it can be challenging to maintain levels of motivation and can leave you feeling less connected. Oxford University Sport together with Wellbeats has introduced new social group classes as part of Active Anywhere, so you can now connect and workout with others wherever you are virtually. You can schedule classes in advance and invite others to tag along with you.

By inviting others to join your virtual wellness classes, you can:

Stay more accountable

Who wants to be the one to flake or cancel last minute when someone else is counting on you? This can work both ways – by inviting others to take part, you’re encouraging others to take action.

Push yourself further

When you know someone else is experiencing the same activity at the same exact time as you, it can inspire some friendly competition and motivate you to test your own limits.

Have more fun

This new feature can help everyone feel more engaged and connected with friends and family– and create new memories and experiences to grow.

If you’re ready to boost your mental and physical wellbeing and maintain a fun, community-focused environment virtually, Join Active Anywhere today! And Download the Oxford University Sport App. 

How to launch social classes

1. Login to Wellbeats

2. Find a class you want to run, and hit "Schedule Class" then choose the date and time.

N/B Don't schedule Facility classes - we're not open and you can't get in!

3. Invite others 

They must also be Active Anywhere subscribers.

Pop in the first or surname and search

4. Your guests will get an email notification

5. Or a Push notification (if enabled)

6. Your guest needs to accept the invite.

7. You can check to see who's accepted your invite and nudge them.

8. Finally, when the class starts you can see who has turned up.

If it helps, you can also start a group voice or video call to keep it interactive and more engaging for yourself and others.