Support with assessment
Support with assessment

Language Centre courses in Hilary term

Enrolment is now open for Hilary term, with an array of courses aimed at improving your written and spoken language skills, including the option of learning a new language altogether.

Enrolment is once again open for all Modern Languages and Academic English courses in Hilary term. A number of new Academic English courses in will be running, including ‘Writing a Thesis or Dissertation’, and a continuation of the course ‘Introduction to Spoken Communication and Pronunciation’.

What courses are available?

The ‘Writing a Thesis or Dissertation’ course is designed for international students who are either writing, or preparing to write, a dissertation or thesis for their degree course at Oxford, while the ‘Introduction to Spoken Communication and Pronunciation’ course aims to develop further and practice a student’s ability to understand academic speech as used in a variety of academic contexts, and to participate actively in presentations, seminars and tutorials. 

Other courses such as 'Introduction to Academic Writing and Language' are designed for international students and other University members, with little or no experience in academic writing, who want to develop their basic  knowledge of English syntax and academic writing. The full list of courses are available via the Language Centre's term-time courses page.

The list of Modern Language courses can be found on the Language Courses page.

How will I learn?

All courses will continue to take place online using Canvas. As well as a weekly live session with a tutor, students will also work through online 'learning pathways' on Canvas at their own pace allowing more flexibility of when to study. Enrolling or viewing the options for language courses can be done via the Language Centre's page.

Why should I enrol? 

This is a fantastic opportunity for those who want to improve or further strengthen their language skills, with previous students who gave feedback stating they "really liked the videos the tutor produced; they were helpful." Others also found the content offered by tutors useful, saying their "tutor provided a fantastic range of learning activities," and their course "was extremely well designed and the recap sessions in the live sessions particularly good. Very thoughtful and useful instructions online each week, helpful."  Another student stated "the course was perfectly pitched both in the learning pathways and the live sessions."

Student feedback

One particular student found the course so helpful, that they wrote the following feedback: "I have really enjoyed the course and intend to continue within Hilary Term. I had not practised in many years and was unsure as to how much progress I would be able to make. However, I am pleasantly surprised that, even despite my time constraints due to work and other obligations, I have noticed an improvement. My tutor has been great at providing me feedback on my assignments and answering my questions. I have found all the material shared with us extremely useful. I think the choice of readings, videos, and podcasts for this course is excellent."

Next steps

Courses will start from the week commencing Monday 25 January. For more information and to enrol please visit the Language Centre website.