Three students socially distancing outside. Credits: John Cairns
Three students socially distancing outside. Credits: John Cairns

Returning to Oxford: Hilary term arrangements

We are looking forward to welcoming students back to Oxford in Hilary term and we want to help make the most of your Oxford experience, within the constraints of the pandemic. This page features a short summary of the arrangements, but for the full details, please visit the Christmas vacation page.

Term dates, and in-person teaching

Hilary term dates will remain as they are at present. For some taught courses, in-person teaching will begin from your existing start date. This particularly applies to those courses with practical elements or early assessments; those with students on placements; and non-residential part time courses. For most other taught courses, formal in-person teaching will start from Monday 25 January (2nd week). Any formal teaching scheduled before then will take place online. Your department will confirm teaching arrangements for your course as soon as possible. Postgraduate research students can continue their research as usual.

COVID-19 testing at the start of term

Students returning to live in Oxford will have the opportunity to be tested for COVID-19 when they return. You are strongly advised to take three lateral flow tests (the same tests used in the Christmas Travel Tests) when you return to Oxford: on the day you arrive, three days later, and on your tenth day in Oxford.

You will be asked to take your first test as soon as possible after you arrive in Oxford, and you should limit your social contact and interaction with other students until you receive the result (this will usually be within 30 minutes). If the first test is negative, you should continue to be cautious until you have taken your second test. If the second test is negative, you should adhere to all health guidance and the Student Responsibility Agreement. If you test positive in any of your lateral flow tests, you must self-isolate and take a confirmatory PCR test through the University’s Testing for COVID19: Early Alert Service.

Further details

For a more detailed explanation of what to expect for your Hilary term arrangements, please visit the Christmas vacation page