The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder
The Triumph of Death by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Futuremaker Podcasts: The History of Pandemics

Returning for its third series, the University of Oxford's Futuremakers podcast follows host, Professor Peter Millican, as he talks to researchers from around the world about some of the devastating pandemics humanity has experienced. 

 Professor Millican and his colleagues look at ten major outbreaks: from the Plague of Athens to the West African Ebola outbreak, via the Black Death, Cholera and Smallpox, and ask how these outbreaks have shaped society, what we may be able to learn from them today, and where we might be heading?  

There are 10 Episodes, along with a preview and bonus podcast:

  1. Series Preview: The Future after COVID-19
  2. Episode One: The Plague of Athens
  3. Episode Two: The Plague of Justinian
  4. Episode Three: Black Death
  5. Episode Four: The Great Plague
  6. Episode Five: Smallpox
  7. Episode Six: Cholera 
  8. Episode Seven: 'Russian' Flu: the pandemic that wasn't?
  9. Episode Eight: The 'Spanish' Flu
  10. Episode Nine: HIV/AIDS
  11. Coming soon... Bonus Episode: Pandemic X
  12. Meet the team

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