Image of ruebens college
Image of the Ruebens College building

Buildings works in the Science Area

Works have commenced to refurbish several buildings in the Science Area for the establishment of the new Reuben College. This may impact your travel when walking or cycling in the area.

Which areas of Oxford are affected?

The buildings involved are on the corner of Parks Road and South Parks Road.  They are the two wings of the Radcliffe Science Library (Worthington and Jackson buildings), Abbot’s Kitchen (next to the Museum of Natural History) and the adjoining parts of the Inorganic Chemistry Lab.

What impact will the works have?

You may not be able to pass through the Science Area as quickly or as easily as usual.

During the early works, the perimeter of the site will be secured with a solid hoarding covered in decorative panels to provide security for the site, as well as directions to the museum entrance and an explanation of the purpose of works. 

What about other works in the Science Area?

Work is still on-going on the Biochemistry completion project, in the centre of the Science Area. This is on schedule to complete in February 2021 and will followed by landscaping works to the front of the Biochemistry and Sherrington buildings, and on two entrances to the Science area, in Parks Road and in South Parks Road.

Together with the continued demolition of the old Tinbergen Building and College projects in the vicinity of the Science area, pedestrians and cyclists in particular are advised to take extra caution around the area, follow diversions when in place and to be aware of additional traffic as a result of the construction activity.