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Oxford University Awarded Fairtrade University One Star Status

The University has once again received the Fairtrade University and College Award, following a student-led audit.

We are delighted to announce that the University, Colleges and Students’ Union have been awarded Fairtrade University One star status to mark their achievements in Fairtrade improvements over the past 18 months.

Oxford University’s Fairtrade Partnership has been working towards expanding the variety and quantity of Fairtrade items sold in the University alongside raising awareness of the Fairtrade Foundation.

To win these awards students at the University need to engage significantly in social outreach, and to work collaboratively with one and other, and their institution, to achieve the award.

Student auditors were crucial in this initiative. Trained by the NUS and the Fairtrade Foundation they learnt about trade justice issues and how they apply to the University, while developing professional and analytical skills.

Jessica Searle, who volunteered as a student auditor, said this “highlighted the importance of going even further with efforts to engage staff and students across the University, with the goal of all colleges eventually adhering to Fairtrade and sustainable principles.”

Aaron Vitarana, also told us about his experience, “Through the Fairtrade auditing process, I became more aware of issues regarding trade injustice and responsible consumption. Particularly, I learnt about ways in which universities can engage in Fairtrade practices and how small changes in the way we buy products can have a substantial positive impact on producers.”

A commitment to Fairtrade is part of Oxford University’s Sustainable Food policy.

For more about this information about becoming a student auditor or the University Fairtrade Partnership visit the sustainability website.