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New seminar series: Our Mental Wellness

A new seminar series from The Experimental Psychology Department has been created to inform, dispel myths and generate discussion on a range of mental health topics. Students and staff are invited to hear Oxford's world-leading researchers share their expertise about mental health conditions and effective evidence-based treatments.

We have come to realise the importance of mental health issues and the impact they can have on individuals as well as on society at large. But how do we separate the facts from the myths? How can we improve our own mental wellness and help those around us? How can we recognise when a normal bout of low mood, stress or anxiety has become a more serious problem?

At Oxford, we have some of the world’s leading researchers who work to better understand the causes of mental conditions and develop effective evidence-based treatments. The Experimental Psychology Department is bringing them together in a new series; Our Mental Wellness, to share their knowledge and answer your questions about how we can look after each other’s mental wellness in our community.

Talks will run twice per term and are open to all staff and students at the University of Oxford.

Professor Kia Nobre, Head of Experimental Psychology opened the new seminar series. The inaugural talk was presented by Associate Professor Jennifer Wild on the subject of Managing Stress and Overcoming Anxiety, exploring how certain people overcome enormous stress and anxiety, while others struggle. Professor Wild also shared seven key tools that could help you manage stress and anxiety in your own life, and the science of why they work. 

A Q&A panel discussion followed the talk where Jennifer is joined by Emeritus Professor Robin Dunbar (evolutionary psychology) and Dr Polly Waite (adolescent clinical psychology).

To find out more and to keep informed about future events in the series, please visit the Experimental Psychology Department website