Wellbeing Week - 11 to 15 November
Wellbeing Week - 11 to 15 November - part of Wellbeing at Oxford

Wellbeing Week – 11 to 15 November

Teams across the University will focus on wellbeing during 5th Week, as part of the Wellbeing at Oxford campaign.

Wellbeing Week will give students an opportunity to find out about the welfare support that is available, and to think about their own wellbeing. 

Wellbeing-related content will be published on the University and Oxford SU channels throughout the week, and events open to all students will include:

To find out more about these events, go to the Oxford SU website.

A number of workshops take place throughout the year, and additional wellbeing events will also take place across Colleges and Departments. If you are involved in an event during 5th week, and would like us to advertise it across the University, please get in touch: enquiries@oxfordsu.ox.ac.uk.

Wellbeing Week is a collaboration between the University and Oxford SU, launched on the back of the new Student Wellbeing and Mental Health Strategy – an institution-wide approach the University will take in the future to support students during their time at Oxford.

Find out more at www.ox.ac.uk/wellbeingatoxford