John Hicks Bursary
Chatting in the Front Quad, New College

Copyright © John Cairns Photography.

Oxford University Alumni Network Bursary Awards 2019

Financial support is available to Oxford undergraduates thanks to the regional Oxonian alumni group network.

Several UK alumni groups are making grants available to students from their counties for projects taking place over the summer break and which are connected to their studies. The groups are:

  • The Cornwall group, which is offering four different types of bursaries to assist undergraduates with strong Cornish connections.
  • The Dorset group, which is offering several bursaries up to £700 each.
  • The Hertfordshire group, which will be offering one or more bursaries. Details are being finalised and will be available on the Student Awards page (please see the link below) shortly.
  • The East Kent group, which is making several grants of up to £750.
  • The East Sussex group, which is offering two bursaries of up to £300 each.

For more information on these exciting funding opportunities, please visit the Student Awards page on the Alumni Office’s website.