Keyboard with glow in the dark lettering
Keyboard with glow in the dark lettering

The Oxford Hackathon

OxfordHACK is a hackathon that brings creative minds together to solve challenging problems. 

Each year OxfordHACK brings together hundreds of talented students from all around Europe for a weekend of hacking, technical presentations, workshops, and networking opportunities. Whether you want to build an app, game, website, or simply tinker with hardware, they will provide you with the space and the support of mentors to make your idea come true. 

Registration is now up and running, so find your future team members and apply today

OxfordHACK welcomes students from all across the world, and any coder over the age of 18 can apply. Attendees will work in teams of up to four, to develop software or hardware applications and present their creative solutions to a panel of judges. Generous sponsors and partners will provide participants with their project ideas and APIs to work on overnight with teammates. For general enquiries, contact You can also RSVP on the official Facebook page