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Use of the Name or Arms of the University

The use of the name “Oxford University” or the University logo (e.g. on Club letterheads, term-cards) requires special permission from the Vice-Chancellor. Student publications may not use the word “Oxford” in their titles unless they are registered with the Proctors and have been granted the necessary Trade Mark licence. This permission will only be given after a Club has been registered with the Proctors for at least two consecutive full terms and only continues in force while the Club re-registers with the Proctors each year.

To apply you must complete this application form. Clubs which apply successfully will be required to sign a trademark licence governing their use of the University’s name and logo (belted crest). Because one version of the University arms (the shield and belt) are registered as a Trade Mark, permission to use this version will be granted to Clubs sparingly if at all.

Customisation of the University logo is not permitted. Commercial sale of merchandise using the logo requires further permissions. 

Note that permission to use the University’s name or its logo does not imply that a club is authorised to act on behalf of the University. If a club’s registration with the Proctors lapses or is withdrawn, any permission to use the University’s name/logo also ceases to be effective and any Trade Mark licence will lapse.

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