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A man sat on a couch, using a laptop.
A man sat on a couch, using a laptop.

Annual re-registration

Re-registration is annual, by the end of 2nd week of Michaelmas Term, by filling in and submitting the re-registration form, together with a copy of the Club’s accounts for the preceding term signed by the Senior Member and a statement attesting to the fact that the constitution has not changed without proctorial approval. On the form, clubs need to give details of:

  • the name of the Club
  • its aims and purposes
  • website address
  • the name of the Senior Member (i.e. someone on the University’s teaching, research, or administrative staff who is a Congregation member)
  • the names and colleges of the Club’s officers (i.e. president, secretary, treasurer) and of the Club's IT officer and webmaster if using University IT services for Club business
  • the number of members on the Club's register

The form must be signed by the secretary and Senior Member before submission to the Clubs Officer. A decision on the registration application will normally be made within three weeks and notified in writing to the club secretary.

NB: It is a condition of continuing registration that changes of Club officers be notified promptly to the Proctors via the Clubs Officer. Should a club be disbanded, the club's secretary is responsible for informing the Proctors of the disbanding of the club and its treasurer for submitting final accounts to the Proctors for inspection.

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