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Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) funding programme for education and training, youth and sport. The University of Oxford has successfully been awarded an Erasmus charter to take part in the existing programme.

The Erasmus programme

The Erasmus+ Programme builds on the achievements of more than 25 years of European programmes in the fields of education, training and youth.

It encourages student and staff mobility for study and work, and promotes trans-national co-operation projects among universities across Europe. The scheme currently involves nine out of every ten European higher education establishments and supports co-operation between the universities of 33 countries.

Erasmus has developed beyond an educational programme - it has acquired the status of a social and cultural phenomenon. It gives many European university students their first chance to live and thrive abroad. Around 3 million students have benefited from Erasmus since its introduction in 1987.

The implications of the UK plans to leave European Union membership  

Oxford remains wholly committed to the Erasmus+ programme and to ensuring student exchanges with European partner universities continue.  The University is strongly advocating for continued participation in the Erasmus+ programme, including access to funding contributions for undergraduates’ compulsory years abroad.

Year abroad arrangements will continue to be in place. In the event that funding is not made available through the European Commission or the UK government for Erasmus+ activity, the University has committed to funding exchange activity required as a compulsory part of an undergraduate degree programme on a similar basis. Some costs related to year abroad activity may be subject to some variation as arrangements relating to the UK's decision to leave the EU are progressed. 

If you are due to have a year abroad during your studies, you should continue to plan as you have previously, and you will be kept informed of any developments about participation in the Erasmus+ programme as these are announced on the National Agency’s webpage. You may also wish to refer to our dedicated webpage for details on the wider impact of the result of the UK’s decision to leave European Union membership.

For further information on the current Erasmus+ programme, please visit the following pages:

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