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Outgoing study exchange
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Incoming Students

It is possible to come to the University of Oxford as part of an organised study exchange with one of the University’s partner institutions, or to undertake work or training through an arranged traineeship.

Incoming study exchange students

In order to undertake an Erasmus study exchange period at the University of Oxford, there must be a current Institutional Agreement in place between the departments of partner institutions. Contact your home institution to discover if an agreement with the University exists.

If your home institution has nominated you to attend the University of Oxford as part of an Erasmus study exchange, please refer to the Incoming Erasmus Study Exchange Handbook for more information on living and studying in Oxford.

It can be difficult to establish new Erasmus exchange agreements at the University of Oxford due to the structure of our degree programmes and the collegiate system which require an equal number of incoming and outgoing students to exchange at the same time. Any new exchanges would need to be set-up on a long term basis, and the University of Oxford’s participation would require the approval of our Education Committee. Any long term exchange would need to be set-up between the department or faculty at each institution in the first instance, and once approval has been granted the Erasmus office can help with the next steps.

Student testimonials from 2017-18

“amazing people, place, teaching”

“An enriching and inspiring stay among stimulating people in an intellectually challenging context”

“It was everything I had hoped for and more”

“The experience of a lifetime”

“I feel lucky to have taken part in this programme as I had the chance to benefit from the advice of leading experts on my field of research as well as from Oxford's well-equipped libraries.”

“The teaching I received in tutorials was unique and exceptional”

“a wonderful experience, not only academically but also socially and culturally”

“The best year of my life”

“It was a diverse and intellectually challenging experience that led to both fruitful academic and personal encounters”

“This exchange did not only allow me to enjoy the most exciting and fulfilling academic experience I have ever had, it changed me and made me feel more confident about myself”

“a complete and intense experience ”

Incoming traineeship students

If your home university has an Erasmus Charter, then you may be eligible to undertake work or training through an Erasmus traineeship at the University of Oxford.

Erasmus traineeships must be organised through the department you wish to work for, and they will sign all paperwork and be responsible for you throughout your stay. It is important to note that traineeship students will not have a college place and would not be registered as a student at the University. Please contact the relevant department directly to see if they are interested, and if so to discuss what the traineeship might involve.

If you have been accepted on a traineeship you might find parts of the Incoming Erasmus Study Exchange Handbook helpful. However, please note that you will not be registered as a student and will not have a college affiliation.

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