Erasmus - Amsterdam
Erasmus - Amsterdam


Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) funding programme for education and training, youth and sport. In 2020, the UK opted not to participate in the new Erasmus+ Scheme (2021-2027) and the University of Oxford’s last date of participation in the Erasmus+ programme was 31 May 2023. However, Oxford will continue to benefit from the longstanding arrangements in place with our European partner institutions, as we continue to operate bilateral partnerships. 

Information related to study and work abroad activity: 

  • Outgoing students: Information for Oxford students on the UK's successor programme, the Turing Scheme, which provides living costs for specific student opportunities spanning a range of departments, with enhanced funding available for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

  • Incoming students: Information for participating universities and their students regarding exchange study and traineeship opportunities at Oxford.

  • Information for departments: Guidance on hosting incoming Erasmus staff and trainees for departments. Please note that there are unfortunately no Erasmus or Turing grants available to support Oxford staff to participate in outward mobility activities. 
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