Tuition fees for previous years of entry

Course fees are payable by all students studying for a degree, diploma or certificate at the University. For most programmes of study, fee rates are dependent on your country of nationality and residence as well as the level of your previous study.

Tuition fee rates

The figures in the tables below only refer to the university tuition fee payable (previously, a college fee was payable separately). From 2019/20, students are charged course fees.

For most programmes of study, fee rates differ for overseas students compared to those from the UK and other EU member states. You can identify which fee applies to you on the fee rate tables by first locating your programme of study and then your fee status (Home/EU, Islands*, Overseas) and finally the year in which you started.

*Island rates, which are only payable by students from Channel Islands and Isle of Man, apply to undergraduate programmes of study and the PGCE only. For all other programmes Islands students are charged at the Home/EU rate.

Academic yearUndergraduatePostgraduate TaughtPostgraduate ResearchVisiting StudentsContinuing Education & Modular Programmes
2011/12ugfees1112.pdf (79kb)pgtfees1112.pdf (193kb)pgrfees1112.pdf (114kb)N/AModularfees1112.pdf (50kb)
2010/11 New startersugnew1011.pdf (31kb)pgtnew1011.pdf (137kb)pgrnew1011.pdf (40kb)N/AOUDCE1011.pdf (80kb)
2010/11 Continuingugcont1011.pdf (52kb)pgtcont1011.pdf (31kb)prgcont1011.pdf (42kb)N/AN/A
2009/10 New startersugnew0910.pdf (53kb)pgtnew0910.pdf (84kb)pgrnew0910.pdf (56kb)vrofees0910.pdf (19kb)OUDCE0910.pdf (32kb)
2009/10 Continuingugcont0910.pdf (139kb)pgtcont0910.pdf (39kb)pgrcont0910.pdf (69kb)N/AN/A
2008/09ugfees0809.pdf (115kb)pgtfees0809.pdf (130kb)pgrfees0809.pdf (110kb)vrofees0809.pdf (107kb)N/A
2007/08ugfees0708.pdf (55kb)pgtfees0708.pdf (86kb)pgrfees0708.pdf (50kb)vrofees0708.pdf (36kb)N/A
2006/07ugfees0607.pdf (51kb)pgtfees0607.pdf (53kb)pgrfees0607.pdf (41kb)vrofees0607.pdf (36kb)N/A
2005/06ugfees0506.pdf (52kb)pgtfees0506.pdf (56kb)pgrfees0506.pdf (55kb)vrofees0506.pdf (37kb)N/A

More information about the definitions used by the University in the classification of students for fee purposes can be found on the fee status page.