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Hardship funding
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Hardship funding

It is expected that all students will secure the necessary funds to cover their fees and living costs. The University and its colleges have limited funds available to students who experience financial difficulties after starting their course. 

If you feel that you are in financial difficulties you should follow the steps below:

1. If you are a Home/EU student, you should ensure that you have applied for all government funds to which you may be entitled.

For undergraduate and PGCE students, this relates principally to the maintenance support and/or tuition fee support as well as any extra support available, as outlined on the Gov.uk website.

For graduate students, this relates principally to the Postgraduate Master’s loan, as well as government allowances and benefits available to students who have extra needs, such as students with a disability or student parents who may be eligible to claim child benefit or tax credits.

2. Speak to your college

If you are in financial difficulty you should always approach your college or hall in the first instance. Colleges understand the financial constraints students experience and will be able to offer advice on the support that you may be eligible to apply for, including any relevant College Hardship Funds.

3. Assess your financial situation

Each year a large number of students apply for assistance without looking to see what action they can take to improve their financial situation first. Assess where you are spending money and whether it is necessary, for instance by looking at your bank statements. You may also find it useful to refer to the Managing your finances webpage. The University is committed to helping students in financial difficulties but cannot offer assistance where this is caused by excessive and unnecessary expenditure.

4. Check your eligibility to apply for hardship funds provided by the University

Students can apply to the following centrally-administered hardship funds, which offer financial support through grants and/or loans:

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