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Oxford Financial Assistance

Oxford’s financial assistance schemes aim to assist students who are experiencing financial difficulties during their course, including those impacted significantly by increases to their cost of living, and unable to meet these costs through other sources.

The level of support available and students’ eligibility for assistance vary based on their individual circumstances, but students must be able to demonstrate a funding shortfall in meeting essential costs to be considered for an award.

Students should first contact their college financial assistance officer directly to discuss their situation and will then be directed to the relevant application materials. The Financial Assistance Officer varies across colleges but could be the Senior Tutor, Bursar or Academic Administrator. If you do not have a college, you should contact your department for advice in the first instance.

Please note that the Oxford Financial Assistance (previously ‘hardship’) application process has been re-designed for the 2023/24 academic year and now takes students through a series of questions to determine the scheme which most closely meets their needs in accordance with their eligibility. 

For all UK (Home fee status) students

For UK (Home fee status) undergraduates

  • If you are applying for living costs assistance of up to £750 and commenced your course in 2020 or later - there is a shortened application process, with applications assessed on a rolling basis between 0th week Michaelmas term (2 October) and 8th week Trinity term (14 June). If you are likely to require a greater level of support, it is recommended that you apply to be considered for a grant of up to £3,000 from the outset, as any grant received through this shortened route will be taken into account and your overall award adjusted accordingly.
  • If you are care experienced or estranged from your family, and require extra funding - grants of up to £3,000 are available, with applications assessed on a rolling basis between 0th week Michaelmas term (2 October) and 19 July. Please note that it is possible to apply for further Oxford Financial Assistance once you have been considered for this targeted funding.

For students of any fee status

  • If you are facing unexpected and unforeseeable financial difficulties - grants and/or loans of up to £8,000 are available, with applications assessed via the University Financial Assistance Committee on a termly basis. Please note that complete applications including supporting documentation should be submitted by week 3 of Michaelmas and Hilary term and by week 1 of Trinity term.
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