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Financial advice and support in 2022/23

We are very much aware of the impacts of the rising costs of living on the student community. The University and colleges already provide a range of support for students facing financial difficulties during their studies, and this provision will be kept under review in the 2022/23 academic year. 

What to do if you are worried about your finances  

Managing your finances  

The University’s managing your finances page provides a range of advice on ways to manage your money while at university; and our living costs webpage can help you estimate your living costs in Oxford.  

Outside the University, you might also want to review the Which? University student budget webpages and the MoneySavingExpert Student Budget Planner.  

Financial assistance

There is a range of assistance available to support students in financial difficulty, which includes those impacted by significant increases in the cost of living, where this cannot be met through other sources. The support is available through college hardship funds, or through the University’s Oxford Hardship Fund, which has secured additional funds.  Go to the hardship funding page for more information.   

More targeted support is available for UK undergraduates who are care-experienced or estranged from their family.   

Welfare support 

We understand that financial strains can have an impact on your wellbeing. You can find out about the welfare support available from the University; and you can also speak to your college welfare team. You can also get independent advice from Oxford SU’s Student Advice service.

Additional support for the 2022/23 academic year 

The rising cost of energy will have a significant impact on University and college costs, which means rents and the costs of services are likely to rise. However, efforts are being taken to support students wherever possible.  

Undergraduate students 

Oxford Bursaries and Crankstart Bursaries have been immediately increased by up to £500 for all on-course students eligible for bursary support, to help with the rising cost of living.

Research students 

Doctoral stipend increases 

The University has confirmed that it will match the UKRI’s 13% increase to doctoral stipend levels. This means that most non-UKRI Oxford scholarship stipends will rise from £16,062 to £17,668 this year. Find out more about stipend increases.

University Continuation Charge 

The COVID-19 University Continuation Charge (UCC) support scheme launches in September 2022, providing support to research students facing continued disruption this year due to the pandemic.  

The scheme is designed to cover the costs of the UCC for affected research students close to completion who are experiencing financial difficulties in paying the UCC.  

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