Ancient Greek drama mask.

Art & Music

archaeology, art, culture, communication, drama, expression, music, people, societies...

Archaeology and Anthropology

"The remit is essentially every human society in the world both today and throughout the whole of history. You can pretty much study anything within that, which is so exciting!"
Archaeology and Anthropology student

Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

"The subject is enormously diverse in time and place, and allows the exploration of almost anything important to human beings."
Classical Archaeology and Ancient History tutor

Fine Art

"You have complete freedom in your studio practice – you can make work about anything you want to and in any medium you want to. You get quite a lot of one-on-one time with your tutor and you learn so much from the older years from the work they show and how they talk about each other’s work."
Fine Art student

History of Art

"History of Art allows students to engage with a wide range of visual material – from ancient to contemporary and from widely diverse cultures – whilst also developing all the core humanities transferable skills: essay writing, verbal communication, research and analysis, argument."
History of Art tutor


"The Oxford music course suits me because it is broad and varied, but also has lots of space to make it my own. For my final exams I am sitting papers in broad aspects of music history (from English renaissance polyphony to electronic music), analysis, and issues to do with how we study music but I am also writing a dissertation about the music in a primary school near Oxford, essays on Brazilian music and a report from the term I spent working on a music project with children with autism."
Music student