Internet of Things (IoT) links the physical and digital world.

Using Mathematics

Computer Science

'It’s a wonderful subject for people who are interested in making things work. So much of what is important in the world is now expressed in code, and Computer Science is about developing tools to understand how computer systems work and how to design better ones.'

Computer Science tutor

Computer Science can be studied on its own or as one of the following joint courses:

Earth Sciences (Geology)

'If you look out and wonder at how the world around us came to be and where it is going, have broad scientific interests and enjoy understanding the fundamentals and also problem-solving, then a degree in Earth Sciences could be just the thing for you.'

Earth Sciences tutor


'I chose to do Economics because I wanted to understand the society I live in. I wanted to study a subject that asks deep, big questions, but at the same time remains practical.'

Economics tutor

Economics can only be studied as one of the following joint courses:

Engineering Science

'If you are interested in solving problems and them having relevance to everyday life, engineering is an excellent choice. The course at Oxford is great as all aspects of engineering are covered early on and you can then choose how to specialise once you’ve had a taste of each discipline.'

Engineering tutor

Materials Science

'Materials scientists use mathematical models and fundamental understanding of physics and chemistry to design and predict the performance of new materials, in technologies as diverse as quantum computing, nanotechnology, biomaterials, nuclear fusion and jet aviation.'

Materials Science tutor


'I have always enjoyed maths, I relish the intellectual challenge and the satisfaction when I understand how another little piece fits into the mathematical jigsaw.'

Mathematics tutor

Mathematics can be studied on its own or as one of the following joint courses:


'I have always wanted to be a physicist. Physics is one way of describing the universe at the most fundamental level. Who wouldn’t want to do that?'

Physics tutor

Physics can be studied on its own or as one of the following joint courses:


'I wanted to carry on studying new areas of mathematics but wanted to apply that to real world problems, and so the mix of mathematics and statistics really fit.'

Mathematics and Statistics tutor

Statistics can only be studied as: