Footprint on a cave floor.

The Natural World

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Archaeology and Anthropology

"Choosing Archaeology and Anthropology, for me, was about the amazing breadth of the subject. I had always favoured history and the biological sciences in school, and this degree offers ways to not only combine the two, but also to look at both history and science from a completely new angle."
Archaeology and Anthropology student


"Throughout my whole life my head has buzzed with questions; questions about humans, plants, the oceans and the microscopic world invisible to the naked eye. Oxford offers me the answers to these questions. It’s incredible!"
Biology student

Earth Sciences (Geology)

"Earth Sciences encompasses the study of the Earth’s past, present and future. Earth Scientists peer into deep time, using mineral grains that are billions of years old; understand the records of past climate changes from tiny fossils that are millions of years old; and use the latest satellite and sensor technology to watch continents strain, volcanoes bulge, and plankton bloom."
Earth Sciences tutor


"We live in interesting times and geography is so important in developing an informed world view on topics as diverse as environmental change, the gig economy and global trade. Our geography course is designed for the intellectually curious, with plenty of opportunity for you to develop your interests."
Geography tutor

Human Sciences

"I found the course because of my interest in Social Anthropology but the degree opened up a treasure box of subjects with which I had not had previous exposure. It was one lightbulb moment after another!"
Human Sciences tutor