Pedestrians crossing the famous scramble crosswalk in Shibuya special ward, Tokyo, Japan.

People and Society

anthropology, behaviour, cultures, demography, development, economics, geography, geopolitics, government, international relations, law, management, people, politics, social science, society, sociology...

Archaeology and Anthropology

"The remit is essentially every human society in the world both today and throughout the whole of history. You can pretty much study anything within that, which is so exciting!"
Archaeology and Anthropology student


"I chose to do Economics because I wanted to understand the society I live in. I wanted to study a subject that asks deep, big questions, but at the same time remains practical."
Economics tutor

Can only be studied as a joint course with either:


"We live in interesting times and geography is so important in developing an informed world view on topics as diverse as environmental change, the gig economy and global trade. Our geography course is designed for the intellectually curious, with plenty of opportunity for you to develop your interests."
Geography tutor

Human Sciences

"I found the course because of my interest in Social Anthropology but the degree opened up a treasure box of subjects with which I had not had previous exposure. It was one lightbulb moment after another!"
Human Sciences tutor


"I liked lots of things, but I particularly liked pushing to get to a holistic understanding of an issue and working to make it better in practice."
Law tutor


"If you feel like you want to make a difference in some way, or at least you want to know how a difference is made, then politics is definitely worth studying."
History and Politics student

Can only be studied as a joint course with either: