Admissions tests

Register for your admissions test anytime between 1 September and 30 September (except for the LNAT taken by applicants for Law).

Many of our courses require applicants to take an admissions test, and we use these tests to help us choose between all the excellent candidates who apply to study at Oxford. To make your application as competitive as possible it's very important that you register for and take any admissions tests that are required for your course. Please note, this year the deadline for test registration is 30 September. We also strongly advise that you spend some time preparing for your test, exploring our test resources and practising using the past papers available from your test page (see menu below). Evidence suggests that people who have researched and practised their test do better and you can do this by using our online resources. 

Our University's admissions tests are administered by Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT). Registration isn't automatic and just completing your UCAS application won't register you for the test so please make sure you follow the process carefully. 

Start by using the dropdown menu below to check whether your course requires you to take a test or tests.

Make sure you get your test candidate entry number from your school or test centre as proof of entry by 30 September. Please note that school error will not be taken into consideration if the deadline for registering for these tests is missed.

Popular questions

How and when do I register for an admissions test?

Please check the test page for your required test(s) for information on how to register.

You sit admissions tests in a registered test centre, which can be your own school or you can sit the test in an Open Test Centre. Registration for candidates opens on 1 September. You are strongly advised to begin making arrangements as soon as possible.

What do I do if I can’t find a test centre?

If you can’t find an open centre on the Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing (CAAT) website, you should contact CAAT for further advice as soon as possible.

I have a clash with my admissions test. What should I do?

If you have another exam/test scheduled, you should let your test centre know as soon as possible so they can request a Timetable Variation request on your behalf.

If you will be abroad at the time of the test, you should sit the test in a test centre abroad. You should contact CAAT as soon as possible for further advice on this.

I need extra time/access arrangements for my admissions test. How do I do this?

Your test centre will be able to apply for access arrangements for you, which will most often be the same as those you would get while taking a public examination. 

You should let your school or test centre know of any requirements you may have as early as you can and provide them with medical evidence to support your application. 

When will I hear about my admissions test results?

You do not need to submit your admissions test result as part of your application: it is sent directly to Oxford by the organisation that administers the test and in time for this to be taken into account when admissions tutors are shortlisting.

Candidates who sit the BMAT, TSA or LNAT can access their results at a later date: further information can be found on these individual test pages above.

Scores for the following Oxford tests: CAT, HAT, MAT, MLAT, Oxford ELAT and Philosophy (for Philosophy and Theology only) will be automatically distributed to all applicants shortly after college decision letters are sent in January.

PAT scores will be distributed to all applicants for Materials Science and Engineering, and to all unsuccessful applicants for Physics and Physics and Philosophy, shortly after college decision letters are sent. Applicants will still be able to write to their college to request feedback

Candidates who sit the OLAT will not automatically receive their results but these can be requested as part of our feedback process.