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Received your results?

This information is for students who have received their A-level results, or results of other equivalent qualifications.

Students holding conditional offers from Oxford University

If you have met all the conditions of your offer, congratulations! Your place is assured. You will soon be able to see confirmation of your place on UCAS Track.

If you have not met all the conditions of your offer (for example if you have not achieved the required grades) your college will make a final decision regarding your offer. Please contact your college if you require any further information. (See college contact details.)

Conditional open offers  

An open offer is the same as any other offer, except that your college has not yet been confirmed. An open offer is always underwritten by one particular college: the college which told you about the offer. Once you have received your results, please check UCAS Track for the following status updates:

  1. You have now met the conditions of that offer and your place has been confirmed (UF, for unconditional firm).
  2. Your college on UCAS Track shows a different college from the underwriting college. This is the college which is now offering you your place. The change in college shows up as a change on UCAS track and you will need to accept this change. 
  3. UCAS Track still shows your underwriting college, which either means that your place has been confirmed at the underwriting college or that your accepting college has not yet been confirmed. In this case please contact the underwriting college for further information. (See college contact details.)

Students not holding conditional offers from Oxford University

Please note that the University does not participate in UCAS Clearing, Extra or Adjustment. There are no further places available at Oxford University for any courses starting this year.  We routinely make more offers than there are places available, to ensure that all places are filled.  Further information about places available at other institutions can be found on the UCAS website at

If you have achieved top grades at A-level, or other equivalent academic qualifications, you may wish to apply to Oxford University for entry in 2018 by following the guide at  However, please remember that even excellent results will not guarantee you a place.  If you are holding an offer from another university, you may wish to focus on your studies there.

AS-level results 

AS-level grades and UMS points are not an essential part of our admissions process, and our entry requirements and offers will not specify the need for particular AS module grades. We find them to be a less useful measure than predicted or achieved A2 results and GCSE performance, partly because not all applicants will have AS results. Where AS-level grades are available, these can give us confidence that an applicant is working well towards their A2 examinations, especially in a candidate who has underperformed at GCSE.

Performing less well than you would have liked at AS is not necessarily a barrier to making a competitive application if your teachers are confident that you will achieve the required A2 grades for your course. Since we don’t ask for UMS points, you may decide only to retake modules if necessary to secure the required A or A* grade at A2. If you will be retaking AS units alongside your A2 examinations, then you should disclose this on your UCAS application. 

On the whole, candidates who need retakes in order to achieve an A* or A have a lower chance of being offered a place. Nevertheless, we recognise that students sometimes fail to achieve their potential on their first attempt at school or college because of circumstances beyond their control. Examples would include disruption caused by change of school or college or system, severe discontinuity of teachers, bereavement and one-off debilitating illness. We take care to treat each application individually and would always take such mitigating circumstances into account if they are brought to our attention: a clear note should be made of these circumstances in the UCAS personal statement or school reference. However, while difficult personal circumstances will be taken into account, they do not guarantee shortlisting for interview or lead to a lower conditional offer. Conditional offers are almost always for between A*A*A and AAA at A-level, depending on the course applied for.

A-level reforms

If you have questions about the way Oxford University views the changes to A-levels please see our FAQs on A-level reform.