A quad at Nuffield College
Spring at Nuffield College
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College listing

Graduate study at Oxford is a distinctive experience: all graduate students are members of both a department or faculty in their subject area and a multidisciplinary college.

Oxford colleges accepting graduate students

Oxford’s colleges, including those designated as societies and permanent private halls (PPHs), are small academic communities where graduate students meet academics and fellow students in a range of subjects from around the world. Several colleges are dedicated to graduate students only and provide uniquely tailored college support for over one third of our graduate population.

The colleges are initially shown in a random order to encourage you to explore the whole range of Oxford colleges, rather than only those which appear at the start of an alphabetical list.

If you're already interested in a particular college, you can also:

External colleges accepting Oxford graduate students

The following colleges accept students for the indicated courses, which are offered by the Faculty of Theology and Religion.

Ripon College Cuddesdon

Ripon College Cuddesdon is a Church of England theological college located in the village of Cuddesdon, which is under 10 miles from the centre of Oxford. Although the college is not part of the University, it accepts graduate students for the following courses:

St Stephen's House

St Stephen’s House is an Anglican Theological College, located in central Oxford. Although the college is no longer part of the University (it was Permanent Private Hall from 2003 until 2023), it continues to accepts graduate students for the following courses:

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