Unsure of next steps?

Unsure of next steps?

It is not always easy to decide what your next steps are, and sometimes doing nothing is the right option for you. Coming for a chat with one of the specialist advisors does not commit you to do anything, and we won’t take any action on your behalf.


The University Counselling Service has compiled a list of self-help resources on surviving traumatic events that may be helpful when thinking about any challenges that you may be facing and what you can do to address these. The Counselling Service has a number of counsellors who are experienced in working with survivors of sexual harassment and violence. Details on how you can make an appointment with the Counselling Service are available on the Counselling webpage.

Sexual harassment and violence abroad

If the incident happened in another country and you are still there, you can contact the local British Consulate or Embassy for assistance, including medical and legal help. The Rape Crisis Network Europe website has information about specialist support services available in European countries.

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