Students at a college
Students at a college.

Welfare rep training


  • This training is for Welfare Representatives who are students from either a junior or middle/ graduate/ Hulme/Weir common room.
  • This training is for other nominated student common room positions who feel their role involves a welfare aspect.

Content of training

  • The role of welfare rep
  • Active listening and courageous conversations
  • Student presentations and scenarios that include suicide prevention, eating disorders, sexual violence disclosures, crying and depression
  • Confidentiality
  • Referrals and signposting
  • Resources
  • Boundaries and emotional resilience

Length and type of training

  • 4 hours in total.

Location of training

  • In-person training takes place at the student’s college.
  • Virtual training takes place over Teams.

Training fees

  • The cost is £80 per student, which includes the 4-hour training.
  • The Peer Support Programme is non-profit, and the charges made cover the cost of running the programme.


The training is facilitated by Dr Tim Knowlson who is the Peer Support Programme Manager and a Counselling Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Dr Tim Knowlson has many years of experience working in the Higher Education Sector as a psychologist, trainer, lecturer, clinical supervisor and research supervisor.


Thank you very much for the excellent session on Wednesday and for the material! I think your welfare training is very informative and provided me with the necessary confidence to feel able to support my fellow students. Knowledge of the relevant resources for help is one thing, but the opportunity to learn from and with you (for example, your way of leading a conversation, your choice of words, your insights on responsibility) is something I am grateful for. Thank you, Tim!
Victoria (Blackfriars)

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