Training Term Card for Peer Support Training

Please find when institutional members train and who their Designated Link Persons (DLPs) are whom you can contact if you are interested in doing the training. Trainer names are in brackets. 

Please note, that Peer Support Training requires selection through internal application and is usually part of a training round due to the number of institutional members and the benefit of creating a training group. Training places are funded by institutional members and must be supported by the institutional member. Your supervisor or tutor will need to give permission and you should feel emotionally and academically resilient enough to do the training as well as being able to commit to the training in its entirety as well as attending supervisions and meeting DLPs in your paying institutional member. Trained Peer Supporters might read and give feedback on your application. To find out more, please read the page on Peer Support Training.


  1. Pre-clinical Medicine – Kirstie Vreede & The Welfare Director [Dr Tim Knowlson]

The Summer

  1. Medical Sciences Division (MSD) – Chris (Christopher) Higham [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  2. Merton College – Jenny Barrett & Simon Jones [Dr Tim Knowlson]

Michaelmas Term

  1. Balliol College – Previously chaplain and/ or head of welfare [Gail Allan]
  2. Exeter College – Andrew Allen [Gail Allan]
  3. Green Templeton College – Alison Franklin [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  4. Kellogg College – Carina Klingenberg [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  5. Linacre College – Jane Hoverd [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  6. Lincoln College – Andy (Andrew) Shamel [Gail Allan]
  7. New College – Cox and Salvesen Fellows [Philippa Boston]
  8. Oriel College – Rob (Robert) Wainwright [Philippa Boston]
  9. Pembroke College – Annette McCormack & Rebekah White [Philippa Boston]
  10. Regent’s Park College – Beth (Elizabeth) Allison Glenny [Philippa Boston]
  11. Saïd Business School MBA – Eloise Attersley & Abbi Churchill [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  12. St Anne’s College – Rachel Busby [Philippa Boston]
  13. St Antony’s College – Filiz McNamara [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  14. St Catherine’s College – Tamsin Evans-Higgs [Gail Allan]
  15. St Cross College – Jocelyn Larsen [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  16. St Hilda’s College – Dan (Daniel) Bulte [Philippa Boston]

Hilary Term

  1. Brasenose College JCR – David Sheen [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  2. Christ Church – Clare Hayns [Philippa Boston]
  3. Corpus Christi College – Previously chaplain and/ or head of welfare [Gail Allan]
  4. Hertford College – Previously chaplain and/ or head of welfare [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  5. Jesus College – Kirren Mahmood [Gail Allan]
  6. Lady Margaret Hall – Nicole Jones & Lizzie Shine [Philippa Boston]
  7. Magdalen College – Sophie Duncan [Philippa Boston]
  8. Mansfield College – Nathan Mulcock [Gail Allan]
  9. Somerville College – Jo Ockwell [Philippa Boston]
  10. St Edmund Hall – Jane Armstrong & Clare Woolcott [Gail Allan]
  11. St Hugh’s College – Thea Crapper [Philippa Boston]
  12. St John’s College – Hanne Clark [Philippa Boston]
  13. Trinity College – Lizzie Shine [Dr Tim Knowlson]
  14. University College – Andrew Gregory [Philippa Boston]
  15. Wadham College – Sarah O’Brien [Philippa Boston]

Trinity Term

  1. Brasenose College HCR – David Sheen [Gail Allan]
  2. Education, Department of – Judith Hillier & Stacey McGowen [Gail Allan]
  3. Geography and The Environment, Department of – PK Kulasegram [Gail Allan]
  4. Harris Manchester College – Kerry Minton [Gail Allan]
  5. Keble College – Trish Long [Philippa Boston]
  6. Nuffield Department of Population Health – Marie-Alice Frappat [Gail Allan]
  7. Reuben College – Kirren Mahmood [Gail Allan]
  8. St Peter’s College – Eleanor Tingle [Philippa Boston]
  9. Wolfson College – John Gardiner [Gail Allan]
  10. Worcester College – Georgie (Georgina) Heywood [Philippa Boston]
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