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Support for student parents
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Student parents

Whether you already have a child or are about to become a parent, a wealth of services are available to support you in Oxford - from the University and Student Union to the County Council.

University parental leave policy

To support students seeking to take parental leave, the University’s Student Maternity, Paternity and Adoption Leave Policy [pdf] provides details of the arrangements for students who are about to have or adopt a child. The policy outlines how much leave students are entitled to, access to University facilities, graduate accommodation and childcare services and the provision for a flexible return to full-time study.

Postgraduate research students should note the requirements for applying for maternity leave, including the forms required and timings for notifying their college, supervisor and director of graduate study.

Oxford University Student Union

The Oxford University Student Union (OUSU) provides a number of resources for student parents, such as a comprehensive Student Parent Handbook with information about childcare throughout the University, colleges, city, and holiday play schemes as well as information about childcare for children with disabilities and funding for student parents.

OUSU has a mailing list that disseminates information about family friendly events, funding opportunities, and wanted items for parents. There are also OUSU student parent socials where parents and children can come, have tea and biscuits, and meet other student parents. Email OUSU Parents and Carers for information.

Childcare services

Colleges and the central University can help students with childcare needs through a comprehensive range of childcare services, including nurseries, play-schemes and help with the cost of childcare.

The Childcare Services website provides information to students about all aspects of childcare to enable parents to make informed decisions that best suits their needs.

Oxfordshire County Council

Oxfordshire County Council provides information for parents on childcare provision in Oxford including day nurseries, childminders, or schools and after-school childcare provision. Telephone 08452 262636.