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Student Digital Voice

Student Digital Voice

Help shape Oxford’s Digital Transformation and have your voice heard.

Introducing the Student Digital Voice

This is your chance to help shape Oxford's digital landscape. 

The Student Digital Voice is a group of students interested in contributing their feedback on both existing and new digital services within the University. 

By being a member of Student Digital Voice, you will have a direct say in the digital tools and services shaping the experience of current and future Oxford students. This is your opportunity to make that happen.  

Your input might range from a few short questions, to attending workshops, being part of pilots or testing exciting new digital services. 

How it works  

  • Sign up to the Student Digital Voice, and be part of the group of students the University engages for feedback, insight and perspective on digital initiatives at Oxford      
  • Whenever a new initiative needs your voice, the University will contact the Student Digital Voice group, detailing the nature of the participation and the time commitment upfront 
  • The University will continue to keep you up to date with the outcomes of all activity you participate in as part of the Student Digital Voice.  
  • Your commitment will likely span one academic year, but you'll have the opportunity to remain part of the Student Digital Voice for longer if you wish
  • There is no obligation to participate once you’ve signed up, and you'll be invited to volunteer for individual initiatives based on your interest and availability. 

Who can join?    

We're seeking a diverse representation of Oxford's students' backgrounds, experiences, courses and years of study. We want to ensure as many students are given the opportunity to participate as possible. 

Why join?  

  • Your input matters more than ever. By signing up to the Student Digital Voice, you can help ensure students are always at the heart of Oxford’s Digital Transformation
  • Your valuable time won't go unnoticed. To thank you for your input, you can choose between vouchers to treat yourself at a local restaurant or National Book Tokens following completion of your involvement.

Ready to help shape Oxford’s digital landscapeSign up now to be part of the transformation.

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