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Academic transcripts

A transcript is an official summary of your academic performance and progress to date. It will only include final marks confirmed by the appropriate Examination Board. A transcript may be required by prospective employers or educational institutions to which you are applying.


Most current students and many alumni are now eligible for transcripts through the eDocuments service - please see our eDocuments FAQ page for more information on registering and a link to the student site. Once your documents have been made available on the service then for a one-off fee of £15 you will be able to pay for access. This fee covers access to all documents, current and future, and to features like the Connection service, and real-time verification of documents through the QR code. You can share your documents with third parties to allow verification through the Connections feature or via the QR code on every document; you can print your documents and you can save copies. Please note: the saved files will be encrypted and are not suitable for upload to secure portals. Please encourage third parties to use the Connection feature if you need to share your documents securely.  

On-course transcripts

How do I order my on-course transcript?
If you are a taught undergraduate or taught graduate student, you can now request your on-course transcript from the My Exams area of Student Self Service.  Research graduate students remain ineligible for transcripts (please use your enrolment certificate to confirm your course status). You will receive an email inviting you to register on the eDocuments service if you have not already done so.

What will my on-course transcript show? 
When you request your transcript the version available to you on the eDocuments service will reflect your marks to date as they appear on your Student Self Service account. Courses that have not yet been confirmed will not appear until the exam entry window has closed and you have received confirmation. It also includes information about your course, and identifying student information. 

Final transcripts

How do I get my final transcript?
If you have just finished your award then your final transcript will normally be uploaded to the University's eDocuments service within 24 hours of your results. You will receive an email from the eDocuments service when it is ready to view. If you have not already registered then you should do so - you will need a personal (non-university) email address and your student number, which can be found in your self-service account. Please note that you be will required to pay a one-off, nominal fee to register. Other documents will be issued to you at the same time, including a degree confirmation letter and a diploma supplement. Your eCertificate will not be issued before your degree ceremony has taken place, unless you are on a course which does not require you to attend a ceremony. 

I finished my course before 2022. What do I do?
We aim to make transcripts available to all eligible students through eDocuments, so please see the table below and register an account if you are eligible. If you do not know your student number please email your full name, date of birth, and college to [email protected] to obtain this. If your transcript is not available when you log in, please wait one working day and then email [email protected] for assistance if it has not arrived in your account. 

We are unable to produce transcripts for the following students:

Students who commenced their studies prior to Michaelmas term 2007Contact your college or PPH (except St Benet's students, Westminster, and Oxford Institute of Legal Practice).
Postgraduate Research students (eg DPhil)If you are yet to complete your research degree, contact your college, PPH or department for proof of study, or use the enrolment certificate from your self-service account.
St Benet's (pre-2007), Westminster college, Oxford Institute of Legal PracticeWe are unable to produce transcripts for these now-closed colleges. We can issue degree confirmation letters, which can be used as proof of award. Please email [email protected] 
Software Engineering studentsContact the Department of Computer Science.

Certificate in Theological and Pastoral Studies (CTPS)

Diploma in Theological and Pastoral Studies (DTPS)
Contact your college or PPH.
Erasmus or visiting studentsContact your college, PPH or department.
Students who started a course with the Department for Continuing Education before Michaelmas Term 2023

Contact the Department for Continuing Education.  

Exceptions –
Students who started the following courses from Michaelmas Term 2007 are eligible for electronic transcripts:
Bachelor of Theology
Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies
Undergraduate Diploma in Theological Studies
MSt in International Human Rights Law
Postgraduate Diploma in Sleep Medicine
MSc in Sleep Medicine

Students who started the following courses from Michaelmas Term 2019 are eligible for electronic transcripts:
FCert English Literature
FCert History
MSc, PGDip, PGCert Evidence-Based Health Care
MSc Experimental and Translational Therapeutics
MSc Experimental Therapeutics
MSc, PGDip, PGCert Paediatric Infectious Diseases
MSc Surgical Science and Practice
MSc Sustainable Urban Development
MSt Creative Writing
MSt, PGDip Diplomatic Studies
MSt History of Design
MSt Literature and Arts
MSt Practical Ethics
PGCert CBT for Psychological Trauma
PGCert Historical Studies
PGCert Patient Safety
PGCert Psychodynamic Counselling
PGCert Qualitative Health Research Methods (PT)
PGCert Teaching and Learning in HE
PGCert Teaching Evidence-Based Health Care
PGDip Health Research
PGDip International Wildlife Cons Prac
UGAdvDip British and European Studies
UGAdvDip British Archaeology
UGAdvDip IT Systems Analysis and Design
UGAdvDip Local History
UGCert Archaeology
UGCert History of Art
UGDip British Archaeology
UGDip Creative Writing
UGDip English Social and Local History
UGDip History of Art

CertHE students 

Contact the Department for Continuing Education

Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Transcripts for PGCE graduates who started in 2008 and earlier please place an order through the Department of Education using the online store.

Transcripts for PGCE graduates who started in 2009 and later are available through eDocuments.   

 Note to third parties

Third parties who wish to validate transcripts received from the University of Oxford should note that transcript letters may be issued by colleges as an alternative to standard transcripts in some circumstances: these should be accepted as valid documents equivalent to the standard transcript. Colleges hold authority to issue these documents when the Degree Conferrals Team are unable to do so. Please refer to the table above for examples of situations when standard transcripts cannot be issued.

Diploma supplement

If you are applying for a course in a European university, most institutions will ask you to supply an academic transcript. However, some institutions may ask you to provide a diploma supplement. This document consists of the academic transcript, a statement quantifying your course in terms of European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS) credits, plus additional information describing the higher education system. It cannot be provided if you have not yet completed your course. 

There are two credit systems: that used by UK universities, and the ECTS, used by a number of other European countries. We take each year of full-time study to equal 120 UK credits (undergraduate) and 180 UK credits (postgraduate) according to the Higher Education Credit Framework for England. In ECTS, this is equivalent to 60 credits for undergraduate study and 90 credits for postgraduate study. The University’s courses are not taught on a modular basis so we do not apply credit weightings to the individual components of your course.

Diploma supplements can now be obtained through your eDocuments account if you are eligible. The letter should be accompanied by the final transcript. If you are not eligible we cannot provide either document. 

If you have completed a part-time course and have queries regarding Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) credits, please contact the course team at the Department for Continuing Education.

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