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Academic transcripts

A transcript is an official summary of your academic performance and progress to date. It will only include final marks confirmed by the appropriate Examination Board. A transcript may be required by prospective employers or educational institutions to which you are applying.

What should I do if I need a transcript/diploma supplement/certificate or degree confirmation letter? 

More information can be found below on how to order transcripts and diploma supplements. Please only order a transcript if it is absolutely necessary e.g. required for an imminent visa or job application. 

Please note that you may be eligible to request a digital degree confirmation letter, which can be ordered through the University’s online shop, free of charge. Most organisations and institutions around the world have been accommodating and accepted this in lieu of other documentation. More information about digital degree confirmation letters can be found by clicking here.

We will endeavour to process all orders and queries as soon we are able however, please understand that this may take some time, and may exceed our normal/stated response times. Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause. We shall strive to get things back to normal as soon as circumstances allow. Please let us know if there are any issues by emailing

Receiving your transcript

You will automatically receive one paper copy of your final transcript upon completing your degree. This will be sent to the 'home address' listed in Student Self Service. Electronic copies of transcripts (final and on-course) are not available. It is your responsibility to check that your home address is correctly recorded before you leave the University.

We are unable to produce transcripts for the following students:

Students who commenced their studies prior to Michaelmas term 2007Contact your college or PPH.
Postgraduate Research students (eg DPhil)If you have completed your degree, you may order a degree confirmation letter. If you are yet to complete your research degree, contact your college, PPH or department for proof of study.
Clinical Medicine / Graduate-entry Medicine (BMBCh)

Contact the Medical Sciences Office.

Transcripts for Pre-clinical Medicine / BA Medical Sciences are available through the University online shop.

Software Engineering studentsContact the Department of Computer Science.

Certificate in Theological and Pastoral Studies (CTPS)

Diploma in Theological and Pastoral Studies (DTPS)
Contact your college or PPH.
Erasmus or visiting studentsContact your college, PPH or department.
Students who have completed a course with the Department for Continuing Education

Contact the Department for Continuing Education.

Exceptions - Students on the following courses should order transcripts through the online shop below:

Bachelor of Theology
Undergraduate Certificate in Theological Studies
Undergraduate Diploma in Theological Studies
MSt in International Human Rights Law
Postgraduate Diploma in Sleep Medicine
MSc in Sleep Medicine

Post Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)

Transcripts for PGCE graduates who started in 2008 and earlier please place an order through the Department of Education using the online store.

Transcripts for PGCE graduates who started in 2009 and later please place an order through Degree Conferrals using the online store.  

Ordering copies of final transcripts

You can order additional copies of your final transcript at a cost of £12 each through the University online shop. Transcripts ordered for delivery to the UK will be sent by Royal Mail first class post; orders for overseas locations will be sent by a tracked and signed for courier service at a cost of £15 for European addresses and £20 for the rest of the world. If you are expecting examination results, please wait until you receive your results in Student Self Service before requesting extra copies of a final transcript. Requests placed before your results are released may not include your final results.

Applications for transcripts must be made by you. Requests for copies of the transcript by a third party will not be actioned.

If you are required to provide a form (ie WES) after placing an order, send your form to quoting your order number. 

Please be aware that due to the pandemic there may be a delay in processing orders for documentation. Thank you for your patience at this time. 

Ordering on-course transcripts

If you haven't yet completed your course, you can request copies of your on-course transcript. This will show your academic achievement to date but will not include a final classification. An on-course transcript will reflect the information you see in Student Self Service and is only available once you are entered for an assessment. If your assessments have not yet appeared in Student Self Service and you are still studying at the University, the enrolment certificate available through Student Self Service will act as a certification of attendance.

On-course transcripts can be ordered at a cost of £12 each online at the University online shop. Transcripts ordered for delivery to the UK will be sent by Royal Mail first class post; orders for overseas locations will be sent by a tracked and signed for courier service at a cost of £15 for European addresses and £20 for rest of world.

Diploma supplement

If you are applying for a course in a European university, most institutions will ask you to supply an academic transcript. However, some institutions may ask you to provide a diploma supplement. This document consists of the academic transcript, a statement quantifying your course in terms of European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS) credits, plus additional information describing the higher education system.

There are two credit systems: that used by UK universities, and the ECTS, used by a number of other European countries. We take each year of full-time study to equal 120 UK credits (undergraduate) and 180 UK credits (postgraduate) according to the Higher Education Credit Framework for England. In ECTS, this is equivalent to 60 credits for undergraduate study and 60-90 credits for postgraduate study. The University’s courses are not taught on a modular basis so we do not apply credit weightings to the individual components of your course.

Before ordering the diploma supplement please check that this is a requirement for your application and that we are able to produce them for your award. If we are unable to produce transcripts for your award (e.g. DPhil), we will not be able to produce diploma supplements for that award either.

If you require a diploma supplement, they can be ordered through the University online shop for free. Diploma supplements will be sent directly to the institution you are applying to by a tracked and signed-for courier service, at a cost of £15 for European addresses. The supplement is available only to students who commenced their studies from Michaelmas term 2007 and who have successfully completed their studies. It is not suitable for use outside European universities.

If you have completed a part-time course and have queries regarding Credit Accumulation and Transfer Scheme (CATS) credits, please contact the course team at the Department for Continuing Education.

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