Oxford student with a laptop sat by a tree.
Oxford student with a laptop sat by a tree.

Preparing to leave

Congratulations on reaching the end of your degree, however before you leave there are a few things that we ask you to do.

Finishing computer use at Oxford

The entitlement to your full range of IT services continues until course completion. For research graduates this is usually the date that Leave to Supplicate is granted. For most other students this will be at the expiry date on your University card. Undergraduate and graduate full-time students have access to their University email account for three months following this date. Visiting, recognised and part-time student email accounts close after course completion. 

If you have been offered a place on a course at Oxford starting in the next academic year, access to your Nexus email account will be extended over the Long Vacation. If you take up the offer your email account will be further extended to the end date on your new University Card. If you are changing college, or starting a graduate course, you may be assigned a new email address. This will be assigned once your University Card is updated. You should continue to use your existing username.

More information about Finishing IT use at Oxford can be found on the IT Help website.

Access your academic information

Student Self Service will be available to you for 23 months following the completion of your course / University card expiry. Please update your contact details in Student Self Service, particularly your future contact email address, before you leave to ensure that you continue to receive important correspondence from the University. For graduate students, Graduate Supervision Reporting (GSR) will also be available for 11 months following course completion.

Library access

All graduates of the University of Oxford are entitled to apply for free admission to Oxford library services. Visit Bodleian Libraries.

Verifying qualifications

You can give access to your degree documents (such as confirmation of degree awarded, dates of attendance and subjects studied) via the eDocuments service to allow employers, prospective employers, other educational institutions, funding bodies or recognised voluntary organisations to verify your qualifications.  See more information on the Degree certificates and letters webpage.

Vacating your accommodation 

If you have entered into a fixed term tenancy with the Graduate Accommodation Office, the end date is set out in your Tenancy Agreement and you should vacate your accommodation on this date unless you have agreed an alternative date and/or signed a new Tenancy Agreement before the end of your existing tenancy.  If you wish to vacate your accommodation earlier, you may do so but please be aware that you will be liable for the rent until the end of your tenancy. All Graduate Accommodation Tenancy Agreements are fixed-term until 31 July, however in some cases there may be an opportunity to extend your stay for a short period of up to five weeks, or for another full year.

The Graduate Accommodation Office is prepared to consider potential surrenders of a tenancy, for the reasons of; ceasing to be a student, submission, field work or ill health, as long as a replacement tenant (any student pursuing or intending to pursue a full time graduate course of one academic year or more of the University of Oxford), is found. Therefore any tenant wishing to move out of their accommodation for the reasons outlined above, is responsible for continuing to pay their rent until a suitable replacement tenant takes over their tenancy.

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