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US and Canadian loans

If you are a US or Canadian citizen, you may be able to take out a loan to meet your costs of study.

US federal loans

The University of Oxford is eligible to certify loan applications for the Direct Loan Program (a US federal loan scheme, available to US citizens only).

US federal loans for all students are administered by the Student Fees and Funding office. Information and advice on how to apply is available from the US loans pages.

US private loans, including Sallie Mae

We advise that you investigate US federal loans before applying for a US private student loan, as federal loans are often cheaper and most American students are eligible for them. Information and guidance on how to apply is available on the Private loans page.

The University will work with whichever private lender you decide to use, however, Sallie Mae is the only lender we are aware of that is willing to lend to students at a foreign school.

Canadian loans

Canadian students should visit the Government of Canada student loans website for information about the loans the Government of Canada offers to eligible full- and part-time post-secondary students in most provinces and territories.

If you take out a loan through the Government of Canada or a provincial or territorial government programme and need to have enrolment forms or tuition fee confirmation forms completed, please email the University’s loans team.

Canadian tax forms

Canadian students who require a Canadian tax form (TL11A) should contact the US loans team with their full name, college and student number. Tax forms can be completed for the previous calendar year, once the average exchange rates for that year have been published by the Bank of Canada in January.

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