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Changes in student status

Changes in student status may include suspension of status and withdrawal, or transfer to a different course or college. This page explains what each of these means for you as an undergraduate student at Oxford.

Suspension of status

Suspension of status within the University ‘stops the clock’ for all elements of your degree, including residence, fees and terms for which a particular status may be held. An undergraduate student on a three-year course must normally be examined within four years; a student on a four-year course must normally be examined within five years. Applications for suspension of status should be discussed with your college and should take account of the time limits provided within the regulations.

If you are beginning a period of suspension, you are not required to complete University registration. A student returning from a period of suspension will need to complete registration. 

Access to facilities and services

A student with suspended status will retain their University card and Single Sign On (SSO) access to online resources, including email, and to University libraries, during periods of suspension. If your University card expires while you are on a period of suspension, you should contact your college to request a new card, which will be issued to last until your new expected completion date.

If you have a disability advisor at the Disability Advisory Service, you are welcome to remain in contact with them, however, the services accessed through the Disabled Students Allowance will not be available to you until you return to formal studies. This includes services such as specialist SpLD tuition, specialist mentoring, assistive technology training, proof-reading and library assistance. Disability advisors will be very happy to help you to make plans to reinstate recommended support as quickly as possible on your return to study.

You are eligible to refer yourself to, and use, the Counselling Service during your period of suspension. If you are already engaged with the Counselling Service at a time when you suspend you can continue with your counselling until an appropriately agreed ending. If you are living away from Oxford you can arrange to have on-line counselling support with the Service.

It can be most useful to have contact with the Counselling Service at the point when you are suspending to work out how you can be best supported over the period of suspension. This can help you address such issues as finding appropriate therapeutic or medical support back at your home. It may also be helpful to access the Service before you return to your studies to help you re-engage with your academic work and college life.

If you access the Service during your period of suspension you will be offered the same level of therapeutic support as all other students. The Counselling Service offers brief and focussed therapeutic interventions. This can be negotiated with the clinician you are working with to decide how the Service can best support you. If you need longer or more specialised therapeutic treatments to help you address psychological difficulties then you will need to be referred to the appropriate NHS medical, psychological or psychiatric services.

If you are suspended due to non-payment of fees your access to University facilities and services will be withdrawn. You are required to return your card directly to your college.

The University reserves the right to withdraw access to facilities and services in certain other appropriate circumstances for students suspending status.

Examination entry

Students who are suspended, and due to return to sit examinations/submit work during the academic year, will be required to enter for their assessments using Student Self Service by the advertised date. It is particularly important that you engage with this process to ensure you are entered for the correct assessments, especially if curriculum changes have taken place on your degree programme. The full range of assessments may not be available to students who enter late, and may depend on whether other students have entered for the assessment (and thus it has been set) and/or whether the examiners have sufficient time to set further assessments. You will be invited to enter for your assessments by an email sent to your email address. Please ensure you monitor your university email account, or have it diverted to your personal account.


Course changes can have an impact on your Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS) clearance if you had to obtain one for your original course.


Withdrawal after your first examination paper/assessment submission requires the agreement of your college and the approval of the Proctors.

Impact on your visa

A change in student status can have an impact on your visa and may also affect the visas of any dependants you have in the UK and their permission to work here.