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The information provided below provides a summary of key regulations applicable to all examinations. It is your responsibility to read and adhere to the Examination Regulations

Timetables are published as early as possible and no later than five weeks before the start of the examination. If your timetable is not listed below it is not yet available. Refer to the provisional start date from the Examinations entry and provisional start dates document available from the Examination entry page in the meantime.

Revised timetables

It is sometimes necessary to publish a revised timetable. For this reason you should check this page regularly close to the time of your first examination.

Personal timetable

Your personal timetable showing your papers and the dates, times and location at which they will take place will be published online at least two weeks before your first examination. It is your responsibility to ensure that you sit the correct examination and misreading of information will not be considered an acceptable reason for non-attendance.

If you have not received your timetable, or discover any problems such as a clash of papers, contact your college as soon as possible. The majority of examinations take place at either the Examination Schools or Ewert House.

Preliminary Examinations


Timetable (pdf)

Preliminary Examination in Ancient and Modern History

CAMH1617LV (18kb)

Preliminary Examination in Archaeology and Anthropology

CARA1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in Biological Sciences

CBLS1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Biomedical Sciences

CBMS1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Chemistry

CCHE1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in Classics

CCLA1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in Classics and English(Course I Year 1 and Course II Year 2)

CCLE1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Computer Science

CCOM1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Computer Science and Philosophy

CCPH1617LV (18kb)

Preliminary Examination in Economics and Management

CEAM1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Engineering Science

CESC1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in English Language and Literature

CEGL1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Geography

CGEG1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in History

CMHY1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in History and Economics

CMHE1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in History and Politics

CMHP1617LV (18kb)

Preliminary Examination in Human Sciences

CHSC1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Materials Science

CMET1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Mathematics

CMAT1617LV (18kb)

Preliminary Examination in Mathematics and Computer Science

CMCN1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in Modern Languages

CMLA1617LV (19kb)

Preliminary Examination in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry

CMCB1617LV (18kb)

Preliminary Examination in Philosophy and Modern Languages

CPML1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examinations in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics

CPPE1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in Physics

CPSC1617LV (17kb)

Preliminary Examination in Physics and Philosophy

CPHP1617LV (16kb)

Preliminary Examination in Theology and Religion

CTAR1617LV (17kb)



Timetable (pdf)   


Honour School


Timetable (pdf)

 Honour School of Experimental Psychology (Part I) (2nd Year)XEXP1617LV (18kb)

Honour Moderations


Timetable (pdf)


MPhil Examinations and Qualifying Tests


Timetable (pdf)

Qualifying Examination for the MPhil in Buddhist Studies

TOBS1617LV (16kb)

Qualifying Examination for the MPhil in Development Studies

TDEV1617LV (17kb)

MPhil in International Relations (Year 1)

TINR1617LV (17kb)

MPhil in Oriental Studies: Classical Indian Religion

HOCI1617LV (17kb)

MPhil in Oriental Studies: Islamic Studies and History

HISH1617LV (17kb)

MPhil in Philosophical Theology

HPHT1617LV (16kb)

MPhil in Politics (Comparative Government, Political Theory, European Politics and Society)

HPOL1617LV (17kb)

Qualifying Examination for the MPhil in Social Anthropology

TSAN1617LV (16kb)

MSc Examinations


Timetable (pdf)

MSc in Musculoskeletal Sciences

JMSK1617LV (17kb)

MSc in Social Anthropology

JSAN1617LV (17kb)

MSt Examinations


Timetable (pdf)

MSt in International Human Rights Law (Year 1)

KIHR1617LV (19kb)

MSt in International Human Rights Laws (Years 2)

KIHS1617LV (19kb)

Other - MBA, Medicine, Prize Examination


Timetable (pdf)

Degree of Bachelor of Medicine (Part I)FBMA1617LV (19kb)
Degree of Bachelor of Medicine (Part II)FBMB1617LV (19kb)
Executive Master of Business Administration (Trinity Term)LMBM1617T (16kb)
Executive Master of Business Administration (Long Vacation)LMBM1617LV (16kb)
Master of Public PolicyJPUP1617LV (17kb)
Postgraduate Diploma in Financial Strategy (Long Vacation)MFST1617LV (16kb)
Postgraduate Diploma in Global BusinessMGBS1617LV (16kb)
Postgraduate Diploma in Organisational LeadershipMORL1617LV (16kb)
Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation (1 Year Course)MSIA1617LV (16kb)
Postgraduate Diploma in Strategy and Innovation (2 Year Course)MSIE1617LV (16kb)
Preliminary Examination in Medicine (Part I)FBMC1617LV (17kb)
Probationer Research Student Qualifying Examination in Management StudiesPMAR1617LV (18kb)
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