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Submitting assessments in 2022/23

All assessments for taught degrees will be submitted online in the 2022/23 academic year, either via Inspera, or another approved anonymous submissions platform for certain departments. The Submissions Desk in the Examination Schools is no longer open to receive any submissions.

For information regarding research degree submissions, please consult the Research examinations webpage.

Submission deadlines

  • Deadlines are published in the Examination Regulations, course handbook, and/or the Gazette
  • If you are unsure of the deadline contact your course administrator.
  • Examination Regulations take precedence should any discrepancy occur in information from different sources.

Formatting your work

  • Exam Regulations and/or course handbooks provide formatting details for your coursework.
  • This varies between courses - check with your course administrator for further advice.

Candidate number

Your candidate number is available in Student Self Service on the Examination and Assessments page - this differs from your university card and student number. 

If you have written your name on your work, your anonymity could be affected in the marking process. It is your responsibility to ensure that you only use your candidate number.

Online submissions

If your course requires online submissions for summative assessment, this will happen using one of the following systems:

  • Inspera
  • Moodle (for Continuing Education courses)
  • SAMS (for Saïd Business School courses)

Your course administrator will be able to provide you with the link to your coursework submissions site. Instructions on how to complete the coursework to Inspera, including a Quick Reference Guide are available at the Online Assessments - Online Coursework Submissions using Inspera page.

When you are ready and confident that your work is complete and suitable for submission you should ensure that you click the ‘Submit now’ button. Otherwise your work will not be submitted for marking and you could incur a late penalty.

Extensions and late submission

Please refer to the Regulations for the Conduct of University Examinations, and the Problems completing your assessment pages for more information on extensions and late submissions. 

Incorrect location

It is your responsibility to submit the correct piece of work to the correct location. 

If you realise you have submitted work to the incorrect location, it is your responsibility to forward the submission to the correct location. If this is after the deadline, it may result in a late penalty. 

If you have submitted your work to the department before the deadline because you have experienced a technical issues with Inspera, the department may accept the work for marking.

Making changes to your work after submission (Inspera and Moodle)

Before the submission deadline

  • Candidates who have submitted incomplete work or the wrong file may withdraw and resubmit on one occasion before the submission deadline, without the permission of the Proctors.
  • The revised version should be emailed to the course administrator before the submission deadline.
  • This revised version will be released to the Examiners and the previous submission will be disregarded.

After the submission deadline

  • Candidates who wish to withdraw and resubmit after the submission deadline may do so by emailing the revised version to the department administrator within 30 minutes of their deadline. There is no requirement to secure permission from the Proctors to do so. After this 30 minute period has passed no withdrawal and resubmissions will be possible.

Multi-factor authentication issues:
For any IT support wi multi-factor authentication, please talk to your local IT support in the first instance. If you are unable to resolve your issue, contact the IT Service Desk on 01865 (6)12345. If your issue affects your ability to submit by your deadline, then please also inform your college office and departmental administrator. They will be able to assist you with next steps and applications to excuse lateness. Please make sure that the file you intend to submit is not amended after your deadline, as you will need to prove that you were ready to submit but were impeded by technical difficulty only.

Coursework submissions for Taught Degrees refers to submissions for undergraduate students (except those at the Department for Continuing Education) and students studying for:

  • BCL 
  • BM
  • BMBCh
  • BPhil
  • BTh
  • MBA
  • Master of Fine Art
  • MJur
  • MPhil
  • MPP
  • MSc by Coursework
  • MSt
  • MTh

You should read and adhere to the Examination Regulations and those that specifically apply to your course ahead of submitting your coursework.

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