Honour code for open-book and closed-book remotely invigilated online exams

1.        Introduction 

1.1       The University’s honour code interacts with and must be read and understood in conjunction with other regulations and policies including:

1.2        The University views cheating, acting dishonestly and/or collusion in an examination as a serious disciplinary offence that may result in disciplinary actions, with the most severe penalty being expulsion from the University without a qualification. In the context of open-book and closed-book remotely invigilated examinations:

  • the University considers that accessing the question paper via any other means than directly, via the designated online platform, and/or sharing the question paper with other students, falls within its definition of cheating and of acting dishonestly.
  • the University reserves the right to use software applications, such as Turnitin, to screen submitted work for matches either to electronic sources or to other submitted work.
2.       Expected Standards of Behaviour
2.1      Students are expected to act as responsible members of the University’s community.
2.2     In the context of open-book examination, this means students are permitted to:
  • refer to their own course and revision notes; and
  • access offline or online resources, for example textbooks or online journals.

2.3     In the context of closed-book remotely invigilated examinations, this means that students are not permitted to refer to any materials beyond those provided as part of the exam paper or that are expressly permitted for that exam. 

2.4     In the context of open-book examinations students are not permitted to discuss the exam with other students or post on social media or other fora within 36 hours of the UK start time.

2.5     In both open-book examinations and closed-book remotely invigilated examinations, this means that students are expected to:

  • submit work which has not been submitted, either partially or in full, either for their current Honour School or qualification, or for another Honour School or qualification of this University (except where the Special Regulations for the subject permit this), or for a qualification at any other institution; and
  • indicate clearly the presence of all material they have quoted from other sources, including any diagrams, charts, tables or graphs. Students are not expected to reference, however if you provide a direct quote, or copy a diagram or chart, you are expected to make some mention of the source material as you would in a typical invigilated exam.
  • paraphrase adequately all material in their own words.

2.6     Students are required to confirm as part of each submission:

  • that the work they are submitting for the open-book examination is entirely their own work, except where otherwise indicated; and
  • that they have not copied from the work of any other candidate, nor consulted or colluded with any other candidate during the examination.

 3.     Honour Code Pledge

3.1      All students will be expected to confirm for each open-book or closed book remotely invigilated examination the following:

  • I acknowledge the University Honour Code and I hereby confirm that the submitted work is entirely my own and I have not (i) used the services of any agency, person(s) or other source providing specimen, model or ghostwritten work in the preparation of the work I submit for this open book examination; (ii) given assistance in accessing this paper or in providing specimen, model or ghostwritten work to other candidates submitting for this open-book examination.
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