Exams: Celebrate Sustainably

Exams: Celebrate Sustainably

We want you to celebrate after your exams and there are lots of ways you can choose to celebrate your achievements. However, please find alternative ways to celebrate sustainably in Oxford’s green spaces, pubs and restaurants.

· ‘Trashing’ is antisocial behaviour and has significant negative community, environmental and financial impacts on the whole Oxford community
· If you throw, pour or spray substances after your exams, you are liable to a £150 fine, which will be strictly enforced, as a breach of the University’s Code of Discipline.

Please do not take part in it. Find other ways to celebrate that don’t disturb other students still taking exams or the wider community.

You will damage the environment
· Whatever you use, it still needs cleaning up 
· Even biodegradable materials have a negative impact on the environment

You will negatively impact the community
· Littering and damaging the local environment affects the whole Oxford community
· Wasting food and other resources reinforces negative stereotypes about Oxford students
· In recent years, students and residents have been admitted to hospital through slipping on materials.

You will waste money and resources
· Cleaning up and safety around post-exam celebrations costs the University around £45,000 each year
· These costs could be spent on improving student facilities and services 
· Money wasted on food and other materials could be donated to those most in need in Oxford. e.g. through food banks
· You will be fined £150

If you do it, you will be fined
· Littering is illegal. You are liable to a £150 fine if you are caught littering by throwing, pouring or spraying substances after your exams
· It is against the University’s Code of Discipline
· Fines will be strictly enforced. If you don’t pay them, you will be liable for further disciplinary action

Find more responsible ways to celebrate
· Have a night out: local pubs and restaurants won’t let you in if you’re covered in food and shaving foam. Make the most of this opportunity to celebrate with your friends

· Enjoy Oxford’s outdoor spaces: Oxford is a beautiful, green city. Relax, eat, and drink with your friends in the great outdoors, and remember, you must take your rubbish home with you

· Celebrate with your college community: colleges will be running summer social events this year now legal restrictions have ended, so take the opportunity to celebrate with your college community

· Plan a celebratory day out: treat yourself to something special to mark the end of your exams. Why not take a day trip, and go somewhere new?

You must not congregate around the Exam Schools and student accommodation after your exams as even if you’ve finished, other students will still be taking their exams in-person or online in colleges. Proctors Officers will be present around Exam Schools and Police in the city centre.

Littering is against the University’s Student Code of Discipline. It could lead to disciplinary action and a £150 fine.

Please think carefully when celebrating after your exams, and follow the dos and don’ts:



-Think about the impact your actions will have on the Oxford community

-Celebrate responsibly in Oxford’s green spaces, pubs, and restaurants

-Think about the money you could save yourself and the University by not ‘trashing’

-Throw, pour or spray substances after your exams (even if they’re biodegradable)

-Waste food, drink or other items on your celebrations

-Put yourself at risk of a £150 fine


Why are fines being issued this year?

We hope that students will choose not to take part in antisocial behaviour or littering after their exams, as this will eliminate the need to issue fines. However, in light of the impact of irresponsible celebrations on the local community, the University will issue fines for breaches of the University’s statutes on Behaviour after Examinations, as it has in previous years.

Why are the fines £150, and where will the money go? 

The fines have been set to match the Council and Thames Valley Police fixed penalty notice fines for littering. All monies from fines are provided to the student hardship fund. 

Who will issue the fines, and will they be enforced?  

The Proctors Office staff will issue immediate fines to any student found engaging in behaviour that contravenes the University’s statutes. Non-payment of fines will result in further disciplinary action under the University Code of Discipline.   

What happens if I am struggling financially? Will I still have to pay? 

Fines are imposed for a breach of the University Code of Discipline. They are a reasonable and proportionate penalty for a student whose actions and behaviour are contrary to what is expected of them. Fines can be appealed to the Student Disciplinary Panel where they will take into account the students’ own actions in committing this breach. 

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