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Poetry experts mark World Poetry Day

Oxford Arts Blog

Today poetry fans around the world are celebrating World Poetry Day.

To mark the day, we asked poetry experts from our English Faculty and Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages about their own research into poetry, and what poems they recommend we should read today.

Pension cuts 'linked' with death rates among those aged 85 and over

Pension cuts have 'significant link' with death rates among older pensioners


In England, total spending on Pension Credits (income support payments for low-income pensioners) reduced by 6.5% in 2012. The research investigates why deaths rates for older pensioners, which had been in decline, began to rise again after 2010 and whether this trend was linked to budget cuts.

Setting a quit day

If you want to quit smoking, do it now


Smokers who try to cut down the amount they smoke before stopping are less likely to quit than those who choose to quit all in one go, Oxford University researchers have found. Their study is...
More people are falling down the social ladder.

Decades of educational expansion 'had little effect on social mobility'


He will show that more advantaged families now use their economic, cultural, and social edge to ensure their children stay at the top of the social class ladder.


Health and safety in Tudor England

Oxford Arts Blog

Death is not a laughing matter. But an ongoing study into coroners’ reports into accidental deaths in Tudor England has turned up some deaths which do sound like something out of a slapstick comedy routine.

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Three Oxford academics are new Fellows of Academy of Social Sciences


Three Oxford academics have been awarded Academy of Social Sciences Fellowship status. They are Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor and Professor of International Relations; Professor...

The definition of success


Oxford University scientists carry out clinical trials for a range of medical conditions every year. The hope with each one is that it could lead to a viable treatment to cure or alleviate that...
Boat speeding in circles

Better engine, worse compass


Researchers have shed light on a critical paradox of modern medical research – why research is getting more expensive even though the cost and speed of carrying out many elements of studies has...

Are big-city transportation systems too complex for human minds?


Many of us know the feeling of standing in front of a subway map in a strange city, baffled by the multi-coloured web staring back at us and seemingly unable to plot a route from point A to point B.
Neuron model

The 'game-changing' projects at the cutting edge of healthcare technology


The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) has today announced £9m of funding – known as the Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards – to be shared among research projects that...

75 years of penicillin in people


A scratch from a rose thorn while gardening. It’s an easy injury to pick up even if you’re being careful. It’s annoying but no more than that. If that scratch were to be in your mouth, that would...

0043 – Agent of the no secrets service?


Fearless in the face of corporate interests and revealing information from even the most secretive laboratories, Policy 0043 is unique, making the European Medicines Agency (EMA) the most open and...
Mind Foundry

Oxford machine learning spinout unlocks big data insights


Oxford University spinout Mind Foundry is developing software that will help organisations solve problems by unlocking insights hidden deep within their data. The Oxford team uses advanced machine...
Preceyes robotic eye surgery system

Partnership to test robotic surgical system


Oxford University has signed an agreement with Dutch medical robotics firm Preceyes to test a robotic surgical system. A team led by eye surgeon and researcher Professor Robert MacLaren will run...
Jo Johnson Vice-Chancellor

Oxford awarded £13.5m for DPhil places and further funding for quantum research


Oxford University is to receive £13.5 million from the Government to support DPhil students in engineering and physical sciences, as well as significant funding geared towards boosting the UK's...

Home counties blamed for car pollution in the southeast


The research, published in the journal Transport Policy, lays out the need for a regional strategy in the southeast to tackle the environmental, transport and planning challenges. If business continues as usual, it says carbon emissions targets will not be met ‘by a large margin’.

Border passport control

Young EU migrants more likely to be in work than their UK peers


Young migrants from EU countries have higher employment rates and are less likely to seek jobseeker's allowance than their UK peers, according to study by the Department of Social Policy and...
Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer vaccine trial seeks volunteers


Oxford University scientists have started a clinical trial to test a new vaccine against prostate cancer and are looking for volunteers to take part. The first four participants have already...

Oxford presented with Queen's Anniversary Prize at Buckingham Palace


Representatives of Oxford University visited Buckingham Palace yesterday (25 Feb) to receive the Queen's Anniversary Prize, awarded for the University's pioneering work in biomedical engineering.
Plans of the new Bonavero Institute of Human Rights in Mansfield College.

New dedicated institute for the study of human rights law


Building work is to start within weeks in the grounds of Mansfield College, where the new institute will be located.


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