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A group of friends

Friends 'better than morphine'


She said: 'I was particularly interested in a chemical in the brain called endorphin.  Endorphins are part of our pain and pleasure circuitry – they’re our body's natural painkillers and also give us feelings of pleasure.  Previous studies have suggested that endorphins promote social bonding in

Delusions experienced by ICU patients include alien abduction

Intensive care delusions hamper recovery

Oxford Science Blog

People admitted to intensive care have experienced feelings of being trapped in metal tubes, alien abduction, and having a gun to their head, amongst other things.

The new road in the Mexican neighbourhood studied.

The fast road out of poverty?


Revamps, such as surfacing roads and joining them to the city grid, dramatically push up prices of the adjoining land and properties, says the study to be published in the journal, The Review of Economics and Statistics.


Oxford mathematicians reveal secrets of chameleon's 'extreme' tongue

Oxford Science Blog

As reported by the BBC, scientists at Oxford University have built a mathematical model to explain the secrets of the chameleon's extraordinarily powerful tongue.

Health worker in Africa

Partnership announces publication of positive phase 1 data for Ebola vaccine regimen


A public-private partnership of some of the world’s leading health organizations today announced that data from a Phase 1 study of a preventive Ebola vaccine regimen have been published in&nbsp...

Fighting antibiotic resistance: how bacteria knit their 'sugar armour' at the single-molecule level

Oxford Science Blog

Previously, Science Blog has reported on the work of Dr Lingbing Kong in Oxford University's Department of Chemistry, who is exploring new methods of antibacterial

The Ebola virus

Clinical trial for experimental Ebola drug publishes results


Results of the Wellcome Trust funded trial of the experimental anti-Ebola drug TKM-130803 have been published today in PLOS Medicine. Using a novel approach designed to get rapid indications of a...
Newborn with mother.

A million-dollar baby?


According to an analysis of US Census data, women working in educational sectors (teachers, educators and librarians) target, and give birth, in the spring and summer.

Union Jack in front of Big Ben in London.

The pull of the UK for EU migrants


Three crisis-hit Eurozone countries rank alongside eastern European accession countries as the EU member states whose UK-resident populations have grown the most between 2011 and 2015, the new commentary shows.

Parents were more accurate than other groups in assessing effects of video games on children.

'Parents know best about effects of video games on children'


The research by the University of Oxford and Cardiff University looks at how the actual experience of playing video games may affect people’s attitudes on their benefits and potential harm.

TB infection

Biomarker discovery offers hope for new TB vaccine


A team of scientists led by Oxford University have made a discovery that could improve our chances of developing an effective vaccine against Tuberculosis.The researchers have identified new...
Mental health of low-paid workers who received a wage rise was compared with those who did not.

Effect of national minimum wage 'similar to prescribing antidepressants'


Through statistically modelling, researchers found a significant improvement in the overall level of mental health in those receiving the national minimum wage equivalent to the effect of taking antidepressants.


Oxford named among most innovative cities in Europe


Oxford has today been recognised as one the most innovative cities in Europe. 
Young Chinese woman shopping for fruit

Fresh fruit associated with lower risk of heart attack and stroke


People who eat fresh fruit on most days are at lower risk of heart attack and stroke than people who rarely eat fresh fruit, according to new research published this week in the New England...
Brain network

The balance of the mind

Oxford Science Blog

If you're seeking to understand mental ill health, it helps to understand mental health first. This is particularly true of neuropsychiatric conditions – when problems with the structure or function of the brain underlie diagnosis.

Carbon dioxide

Renewables and nuclear no substitute for carbon dioxide disposal, argues leading climate physicist


Professor Allen, Professor of Geosystem Science in Oxford's School of Geography and the Environment and Department of Physics, argues that there are only two things we can affect with policies today that will really matter for peak warming: reducing the cost of large-scale capture and disposal of

Not sleeping

Public missing out on a night’s worth of sleep every week


The Royal Society for Public Health (RSPH) has warned that the UK public is under-sleeping by an average of almost an hour every night – which amounts to losing an entire night's sleep over the...

Dr Michael Plant

How to live a happy life

What practical tips would you offer for how to live a happy life? 

By 2013, 60% of commercial properties in Sydney Business sector had green leases.

Going green with the commercial lease


New opportunities to fight climate change in these properties are coming from an unlikely source: the commercial property lease. A new study finds that more than 60% of all leases signed in Sydney...
Synthetic tissue

Scientists create first light-activated synthetic tissues


Scientists at the University of Oxford have created synthetic tissues that possess functional properties controlled by light – including the ability to 'switch on' the expression of individual...


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