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Mind Foundry

Oxford machine learning spinout unlocks big data insights


Oxford University spinout Mind Foundry is developing software that will help organisations solve problems by unlocking insights hidden deep within their data. The Oxford team uses advanced machine...
Preceyes robotic eye surgery system

Partnership to test robotic surgical system


Oxford University has signed an agreement with Dutch medical robotics firm Preceyes to test a robotic surgical system. A team led by eye surgeon and researcher Professor Robert MacLaren will run...
Jo Johnson Vice-Chancellor

Oxford awarded £13.5m for DPhil places and further funding for quantum research


Oxford University is to receive £13.5 million from the Government to support DPhil students in engineering and physical sciences, as well as significant funding geared towards boosting the UK's...

Home counties blamed for car pollution in the southeast


The research, published in the journal Transport Policy, lays out the need for a regional strategy in the southeast to tackle the environmental, transport and planning challenges. If business continues as usual, it says carbon emissions targets will not be met ‘by a large margin’.

Border passport control

Young EU migrants more likely to be in work than their UK peers


Young migrants from EU countries have higher employment rates and are less likely to seek jobseeker's allowance than their UK peers, according to study by the Department of Social Policy and...
Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer vaccine trial seeks volunteers


Oxford University scientists have started a clinical trial to test a new vaccine against prostate cancer and are looking for volunteers to take part. The first four participants have already...

Oxford presented with Queen's Anniversary Prize at Buckingham Palace


Representatives of Oxford University visited Buckingham Palace yesterday (25 Feb) to receive the Queen's Anniversary Prize, awarded for the University's pioneering work in biomedical engineering.
Plans of the new Bonavero Institute of Human Rights in Mansfield College.

New dedicated institute for the study of human rights law


Building work is to start within weeks in the grounds of Mansfield College, where the new institute will be located.

Amazon rainforest

Study identifies global ecosystems most sensitive to changes in climate


The report identifies vital ecologically sensitive areas for ecosystem provision and poverty alleviation. The identification of properties that contribute to the persistence and resilience of ecosystems despite climate change constitutes a research priority of global relevance.

Report finds mismatch between the regulation governing distribution of offline pornography and its online equivalent.

Preventing children from accessing online pornography


The report by a panel of experts lays out the scale of the problem and possible measures to limit and mitigate risks.

Details from portable shrine of Vishnu as Venkateshwara. Credit: The Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford.

Fear of divine retribution linked to spread of human civilisations


The researchers conducted games with people of different religions and interviewed them about their beliefs.

Schoolgirls in Zimbabwe

How best to tackle the stigma of menstruation?


Although current results are 'promising', the study concludes that policymakers need to carry out large, comprehensive reviews of such programmes, and also conduct research into any potentially damaging unintended consequences, such as 'outing' menstruating girls in cultures where such behaviour

Caribbean men found to spend most time doing household chores in UK study.

Who does most of the housework in multicultural Britain?


Meanwhile, Indian men report taking on a fairer share of routine housework than white British men – even though Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi women report spending significantly more time on housework than white British women.


Man-made climate change helped cause south of England floods, say scientists


Human-induced climate change increased the risk of severe storms like those that hit the south of England in the winter of 2013/14, causing devastating flooding and costing several people their...
The UK petition for Donald Trump to be barred from the UK rapidly succeeded: being signed by more than 500,000 in just days.

Predicting political surprises and uprisings before they happen


The researchers focussed on the digital traces left by tiny acts of political participation to find clues for why movements or campaigns snowball into significant collective action while others quickly fail.

Scales of justice

The public gives its verdict on how ombudsmen deal with complaints


In terms of what was valued most about those dealing with their complaint, the survey revealed the public wanted ombudsman staff to 'keep their word' and wanted the outcome properly explained.

Humanities digital

TORCH's 2016 headline series to be launched with live-streamed event

Oxford Arts Blog

'Humanities and the Digital Age' is the topic of this year’s Annual Headline Series in The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH).

Women's same-sex marriages outnumbered those of men by 5 to 4, says the research.

'No rush for same-sex weddings when compared with civil partnerships'


The paper published in the journal Family Law, shows there was no rush for same-sex marriages compared with the numbers wanting civil partnerships, which first became available in December 2005 (with the Civil Partnership Act).

Definition of word morality in dictionary

Professor Jeff McMahan

How to live a happy life

Being a morally good, and in some ways self-sacrificing, person is one of the best ways to have a life that is not only objectively good, but also subjectively satisfying. This is something that psychologists have been confirming and I think people have known it for a long time.
Feeding the Mind – With Oily Fish

Feeding the Mind – With Oily Fish


Could a substance found in certain fish help childhood reading scores – and if so how?


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