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Open research (or open science/scholarship) is the practice of research that enables others to collaborate, validate and contribute, where research outputs, data, protocols, lab notes and other research processes are freely available, under terms that enable reuse, redistribution and reproduction of the research and its underlying data and methods. 

The establishment of open research requires a change in research culture at all levels of the University, in principles, practices and policies. Support in the form of tools, standards, guidance, training and dedicated advice are required to effect this change. 

The University is committed to open research as indicated in priority 20 of the Strategic Plan 2018–23

Open research support and guidance for researchers

Open access

Open access is free, online access to research publications that would otherwise require institutional subscriptions to journals.

The University's Open Access website has information about funder requirements (UKRI, Wellcome and others) and what you can do to make your publication open access, for example through deposit to the Oxford Research Archive. You can also read the University's policy on open access.

Open data

Research data are a very valuable resource, and sharing research data for scrutiny and reuse will help drive transparency, improve cooperation and strengthen the quality of research.

Many research funders now encourage or require you to share data, especially research data that are part of a research publication. 

The Research Data Oxford website provides advice, guidance and information on how and when research data can be shared, what might limit or prohibit data sharing, and what can be done to enable other researchers to correctly cite your data where it has been made available. You can also read the University's policy on the management of data supporting research outputs

Reproducible Research Oxford (RROx)

RROx is a researcher-led, cross-University initiative focused on both advancing the open research agenda and research reproducibility, extending to all disciplines. RROx is the local network of UKRN, the UK Reproducibility Network. RROx coordinate events and initiatives and maintain a list of relevant resources. If you are interested, do get in touch with RROx. 

Research integrity

Research integrity is a core underpinning value of research. It requires adherence by the research community to consistently high standards, together with openness and transparency, thereby securing public trust in, and support for, research, while also ensuring that research findings can be used as effectively as possible. 

The Research Support website lists the University's policies, guidelines and procedures relating to research integrity and ethics. 

Principles to promote responsible use of research metrics

Research and Innovation Committee has approved a set of ten principles to promote responsible use of research metrics at Oxford. With these principles the University demonstrates its support for DORA (San Francisco Declaration on Research Assessment) to which the University became a signatory in 2018.

Case studies

These case studies are examples of good practice and activity in open research at Oxford:

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