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Research Staff Hub

Our Mission

The mission of the Research Staff Hub is to welcome, support and equip researchers and teaching staff employed by the Collegiate University on fixed term contracts, in ways that will enable them to be and feel their best at Oxford, and to facilitate their chosen next career chapter.

The Hub is an important milestone for the University, signifying its commitment to this group of colleagues. The Hub team will collaborate across Oxford to improve policy and practice, including initiating ambitious activities to ensure we can meet our commitment to providing an inclusive, fair, positive and supportive environment for all.

The Hub will facilitate access to the wide menu of transferable skills training, personal and professional development initiatives and networking opportunities offered by divisions, departments, colleges and central services. Our aim is a model of support which is both consistent in approach and nuanced to the needs of researchers within and across disciplines.

One example is a plan to grow the University’s collaboration with industry, the public sector and non-profit organisations, developing relationships through which further career opportunities in various sectors can be identified and explored.

The Hub’s ethos and activities will be shaped by the research staff community and those in active support roles. We, as a team, will respond to research staff interests, concerns and aspirations through vibrant two-way communication and partnerships.

Here’s what we have in our sights

  • community-building, strengthening links, events, and communications;

  • enriching and facilitating access to career and professional development support

  • enhanced provision for mental health and wellbeing

  • pro-active work to ensure equity, inclusivity and grow diversity in Oxford

  • representation, policy development and advocacy for research staff

  • supporting principal investigators to lead and manage research staff effectively

  • further work towards a vibrant, creative and supportive research culture, including meeting our collective obligations under the new Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers;

We want to work with you - Get in touch today to share your thoughts and let’s explore ways you can shape the Hub’s development and add value at Oxford.

Up-coming opportunities include, but are not limited to…

  • participating in a design process to create the Hub’s logo, branding etc

  • collectively shaping the look and feel of the physical space

  • developing ways for the Concordat to come alive at Oxford, helping us all to improve our research culture and environment

The Hub Team 

 Alice Chilver

Alice Chilver

Head of POD

 Dr Rachel Bray

Dr Rachel Bray

Research Staff Hub Lead

 Linda Andrews

Linda Andrews

Policy & Projects Manager

 Dr Anjali Shah

Dr Anjali Shah

Researcher Developer



Engagement & Communications Officer


Dr Ann Gilletti

OxRSS Administrative Officer



Senior Hub Administrator


The Research Staff Hub will be officially launched by the Vice-Chancellor on 22 April 2021.  Register via this link

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