Prospective undergraduates
Prospective undergraduates

Prospective undergraduates and offer holders

Decisions on offers to begin studying an undergraduate course at Oxford in 2022 were announced on 11 January. Congratulations to everyone who received an offer. 

The deadline for applications for entry in autumn 2023 will be 15 October, 2022.

FAQs for prospective undergraduate applicants and offer holders

Last updated: Tuesday, 17 May 2022

I am holding an offer to begin my undergraduate course at Oxford in the 2022/23 academic year. Where can I find more information?

Over the coming months, the college that made your offer will be in contact with you. You will also receive regular newsletters from the University giving you tips and insights into student life at Oxford and letting you know how to prepare for the start of your course next October. In addition, you can always look at our Current Students website for further information. 

Do you have any guidance on how I can best prepare for my studies at Oxford?

Starting at Oxford is an exciting time, but it is normal to feel some anxiety about making this move - particularly when your recent education is likely to have been disrupted. We understand that everyone has been impacted by the pandemic, which is why we have thought carefully about ways to provide extra support for when you start this exciting new phase of your life. Find out more about our academic transition support.

Will Oxford accept the grades that students with conditional offers receive this year?

If you receive an offer but have not yet completed all your current qualifications, it is likely that this offer will be conditional. Normally, meeting these conditions involves achieving certain examination results and where examinations are going ahead as planned, we expect these conditions to be met. Oxford remains committed to a fair and flexible admissions process which aims to ensure no students are disadvantaged by the COVID-19 pandemic, in particular those from under-represented and less advantaged backgrounds. We continue to follow government announcements closely and will provide updated information whenever relevant. 

In any case, providing you meet all the conditions of your offer with us by the deadline stipulated by UCAS, your offer will be confirmed and you will be accepted by the University. This applies to all our offer holders, wherever you are currently studying in the world.

Do I have to pass the science practical component of any science A-levels I am taking in order to meet the conditions of my offer?

In normal circumstances, if you have taken any science A-levels, we would expect you to take and pass the practical component, in addition to meeting any overall grade requirement. However, we are aware that students may not have had the chance to complete their practical tasks due to the pandemic. If this is the case, or if you have other extenuating circumstances that mean you cannot fulfil the practical requirement, you should contact the college offering you your place to discuss this. As always, we will seek evidence of extenuating circumstances from your school. 

How will COVID-19 impact my time as a student?

We continue to be fully committed to delivering an outstanding academic experience to students and to maintaining our focus on personalised teaching and the safety and wellbeing of our entire community.  We will send you regular updates on our plans in line with government guidance and health advice. 

Applying to begin an undergraduate course in 2023

I am expecting to apply for undergraduate study starting in 2023/24 academic year. Where should I go for more information?

Offers for entry in 2023 will be made in January 2023. If you are planning to apply for a place to begin studying here next year, please note our UCAS deadline of 15 October, 2022 and read carefully the information on our Undergraduate Admissions website. We would also strongly recommend you visit our digital prospectus and sign-up for Choosing Oxford , our newsletter for prospective applicants. Join us on Twitter (@OxOutreach) and Instagram (@studyatOxford) to help you get a feel for what studying here might be like.

Where can I find out about events for prospective applicants?

Our 2022 Open Days will be taking place on 29 and 30 June and 16 September and are being planned as in-person events in Oxford. We can't wait to welcome you and for you to look round our beautiful university city, chat to staff and students and find out first-hand what it's like to study here. Details of other opportunities for you to explore student life at Oxford can be found on our undergraduate admissions website and are listed in our outreach event calendar. We hope very much to welcome you and your family on a visit to Oxford before long. Our online prospectus will provide you with a quick and digestible overview of core information while more detailed admissions guidance can be found in our Guide for applicantsWe also recommend that you sign-up now for our Choosing Oxford newsletter for step-by-step support with your application as well as some fun insights into student life here. 

I am unlikely to be able to arrange work or other subject-related experiences. Will this affect my application?

Tutors at Oxford are only interested in your academic ability and potential so in general there is no requirement for work experience or particular extracurricular activities. Please read our guide for applicants for more information about what makes a strong application. Extra reading or delving into your subject using the resources on our digital resource hub are great ways to demonstrate engagement with your subject which will support your application.

Candidates considering an application to study Medicine, may be interested in advice from the Medical Schools Council on relevant experience to study medicine during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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